In the bleachers for Emily's birthday party at a Cubs game.

Emily’s Cubs Game Birthday Party


My name is Val & this is my Emily’s birthday Journal. We began the night at Risqué were we saw foamy messes & boobies. Fake boobies. By fake boobies, I mean cartoon ones. That looked fake. We are now at Rebel. Which was the Ivy. But this isn’t the Ivy. It’s the Ivy painted red with no punching machine which is lame.

lame lame lame

I broke my pen!!!





We now return to our regularly scheduled blog with actual Val…

Saturday’s festivities started at a bar at 9:30…AM. Since at least I think that 9:30 is too early for beer or hard drinks we settled on getting some way-too-spicy Bloody Marys. But 9:30 is definitely not too early for a breakfast of cheeseburgers and french fries 🙂

Cheeseburgers and Bloody Marys at Murphy's before Emily's birthday party at a Cubs game.

Soon after arriving we were joined by Hareet (who is apparently not a figment of Emily’s imagination) and Zipporah and Jeff. I was the only one of us not decked out in Cubs gear. I did wear a shirt though that had a bit of blue in it…I think that counts enough…

When we were done with food and drinks we headed out of Murphy’s and across the street to Wrigley Field.

In the bleachers for Emily's birthday party at a Cubs game.

It was Em’s birthday wish to get bleacher seats to a Cubs game so even though I am a South Sider I sucked it up and went to the game. 🙂 Actually, I used to say that I wasn’t a baseball fan but really just a fan of hot dogs and nachos, so as long as the team had those I didn’t care and would go. But I think I will retract that statement as Wrigley had some pretty horrendous hot dogs.

Hot dog covered in ketchup at a Cubs game.

Anyways…The game was fun. Heather came too and brought Jeff instead of Josh, which was a surprise. And we met Hawaiian shirt guy who was sitting in front of us.

Hawaiian shirt guy at the Cubs game.

And the Cubs won! Go sports team!

After the game we went back to Em’s to chill for a bit then headed down the block to the Chicken Hut for chicken because all they have on the menu is chicken. Although Heather somehow managed to not order chicken. Crazy.

Then it was on to Risqué, which is an awesome bar that has pin-up posters and b/exploitation movies playing on a few TVs. It’s a nice place but a little too contrived. One of the movies they were playing was a cartoon that had a naked woman running around sleeping with people. That’s about as much of the plot as I can tell you.

The best thing about the bar though was the 8-ball floats…except that they only had runny ice cream so to make it we had to drop soft scoops of vanilla into our beer which made them all foam over creating a catastrophic mess and forcing me to chug much of the beer to keep it from spilling over. Everyone laughed when I did it…and then it happened to all of them too.

Drinking beer floats at Risque in Chicago.

After that we headed over to Rebel. Josh (who works in my building), Josh (who is marrying Heather), Sean (who is insane), and Sean’s friend we don’t know the name of all joined us there. We rocked out to the music. Jeff bought me princess peaches (that’s the name I dubbed the drinks he got me…I told him to ask the bartender for something girly made with peach schnapps). We got some tasty mushroom quesadillas and cheesy pretzels. We rocked out to the music.

Dancing at Rebel bar in Chicago.

Next up was The Irish Oak, which normally would be exactly my type of bar: a chill Irish setting with live acoustic music. Perfect for a relaxing night talking with friends. However, it’s not so perfect from going such a high energy place to such a low energy place, so we all bailed after just one drink. But not until Sean went around to tables of girls to try to impress him with his joke-telling skills…Yeah, take one guess at how well that went over…

So next up was Big City Tap which is one of those bars that people only go to because its open until 5am after everything else is closed…which meant it was one of those bars where there was a creepy old dude walking around scanning for drunk chicks…and that they had the most disgusting pile of nachos ever…and that the bartenders idea of give me a girly drink was a jager bomb with a splash of peach schnapps….But it WAS the only bar all night to play a Bon Jovi, so they get props for that.

So finally we called it and I fell asleep curled up on Emily’s chair because it was the only place that there was room for me…and the next morning we capped off Emily’s birthday celebration with Disco brunch at Ann Sather’s where we had the tastiest cinnamon rolls ever (they do have the best ever) and a ridiculous Swedish breakfast sampler of Swedish meatballs, Swedish pancakes, sausage (which I didn’t eat), eggs, and potatoes…

Swedish meatballs, Swedish pancakes, sausage, eggs, and potatoes at Disco brunch at Ann Sather in Chicago.

Wow…what an Emily-filled weekend! Well…she kept drunkenly saying that it was the best birthday ever, so I’m going to agree and hope she had the best birthday ever!

More photos from Emily’s Cubs Game birthday party:

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