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Cynthia's birthday party.

Happy birthday Cynthia!

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

Horse at Cynthia's Birthday
(Please note: this is not Cynthia…I just thought it was a good photo)

Yesterday was Cynthia’s birthday party! It was a Russan/Polish/Star Wars theme (I say Star Wars because that was what was on the Happy Birthday sign). We ate some very weird tasting “cookies,” looked at photos from Cynthia’s trip to Russia, listened to odd Russian hiphop/teen bop/dance music, and played with the horses. One of them had only one eye (Hood asked me later if it granted my magic wishes, but alas I did not ask it to) and the other one tried to eat me. It bit my hand while I tried to feed it (even though I swear I kept it flat) so then every time I tried to feed it from then on I just ended up screaming and dropping the carrots all over whenever it came near me. 🙁

We ate some bbq, and drank some frozen wine. It actually tasted pretty good…despite the fact that it had been in the freezer for way too long and froze. I had to listen to technical explanations of the molecular composition of it or whatever (seriously Scott, can’t things just happen without you having to give a scientific explanation of it???) Oh, and everyone liked my strudel. 🙂

And it was fun.

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  • Chris
    August 14, 2007 at 8:22 am

    I love the horse picture! Wonderful shot.
    And as far as scientific explanations go…I kinda like them myself!

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