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Me and Andy on his birthday

Happy Birthday Andy!

Happy Birthday Andy!

Me and Andy on his birthday - Happy birthday Andy!

Tonight was Andy’s birthday celebration at the Frog Bar. Many people I semi-knew were there, I had a fuzzy navel and Derek and I had sex on the beach. I also kept sipping MK’s martini (he thinks he’s James bond) and KennyK (who also thinks he is James Bond) asked me to be his fake girlfriend for the night. Of course I agreed as long as we fake slept together at the end of the night. MK wouldn’t let me undress him in the bar so I undressed Andy instead, people misjudge me if they think I won’t do that. Although Jen misjudges me too by saying that she was quite surprised that I had standards and wouldn’t be Hugh Heffners nasty girlfriend for $200,000 a year. Ah well, pictures below:

Scott and I have cigars:
Scott and I smoke cigars  - Happy birthday Andy!

Real cigar and chocolate cigar  - Happy birthday Andy!

Andy gets cake:
Cake for Andy's birthday  - Happy birthday Andy!

Andy's birthday cake.  - Happy birthday Andy!

More close-ups of matt:
Close up of Matt  - Happy birthday Andy!

Closeup of Matt's ear  - Happy birthday Andy!

closeup of Matt drinking  - Happy birthday Andy!

Close-Up of Glen:
Closeup of Glen  - Happy birthday Andy!

Me and Rob:
Me and Rob  - Happy birthday Andy!

Derek McHotty:
Derek  - Happy birthday Andy!

Glen and Jen:
Glen and Jen  - Happy birthday Andy!

Me and MattyK:
Me and Matt  - Happy birthday Andy!

Me and my “boyfriend” KennyK:
Meand Ken  - Happy birthday Andy!

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