Happy Birthday Andy

Happy B-Day AndyBanandy!

Happy Birthday Andy!

Happy Birthday Andy

Last night was Andy’s thirtieth birthday celebration at the froggy bar. Because I was early and determined not to always be earliest, I walked around a couple of stores before heading to Hugo’s Frog Bar to meet up right on time…of course the one time I am not early everyone else has already been there for half an hour and was finishing eating 🙁

It was fun, especially since I never see Chris and Aimee and Robert(pronounced the French way) and KennyK anymore since Scotty is gone. (tear.) Oh, and since we always get massive amounts of chocolatey goodness on peoples’s birthdays. 🙂

So Andy is older and I met his swell gal (I have to now use old people terms like “swell” and “gal” around him) and some others who I have never met before and ate a crab cake on a bun.

KennyK’s new ladyfriend brought up a good “hypothetical” situation about if you borrowed someones laptop and saw a file on the desktop with your name on it, would you open it?

I would be good and say “nope,” but who are we kidding? I am a terrible snoop… 🙂

Andy's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar.

Andy's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar.

Andy's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar.

Andy's birthday at Hugo's Frog Bar.

Although, I’m afraid I did not live up to my reputation because I only took a handful and am not very good at taking pics in very low light without blinding people to death…

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  • Chris
    November 21, 2007at10:17 am

    It was good to see you too, Val. 🙂

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