28th birthday party at Guthrie's playing Would You Rather

Happy (almost) 28th birthday to me!

My 28th birthday party at Wilde's and Guthrie's

My almost 28th birthday party in ten items or less…

1. The night involved heading to Wilde, an “upscale Irish pub” for dinner and then heading to Guthrie’s Tavern to play board games. The fish and chips was yummy.

Fish and chips at Wilde Irish pub for my 28th birthday party

2. We didn’t invite random dude to the bar. Although he was the most decisive person ever. He wouldn’t have fit in the cab anyways.

3. My hands turned blue. Which either made me a zombie or the face of syphilis or meant that I had frostbite. Really it just meant my jeans were new and I always keep my hands between my legs and “why should I wash them before I even wear them when I don’t even wash my clothes after I wear them. I mean, they are never going to look that good again.”

My hands turned blue from sitting on them with new jeans at Guthrie's Tavern for my 28th birthday party

4. Scattegories is way easier to play when you know the rules and don’t try to come up with 12 answers to one category. Scratch that. It is no easier.

5. Wilde has a sink that we all thought was awesome. We all went to the bathroom a lot just to use it.

The coolest sink at Wilde Irish pub on my 28th birthday

6. I don’t cheat at Candy Land. I don’t fake orgasms.

7. One word: Tappaw

Heather and I on my 28th birthday

8. Telling bartenders that you just want something pink and fruity works well. Waitresses don’t understand the concept. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t a specific drink and she kept insisting it was a cosmo.

9. Would you Rather in board game addition is not very fun. A game called dirty minds should be more dirty.

Playing the Would You Rather board game at my 28th birthday party at Guthrie's tavern in Chicago

10. It took me like 20 minutes to find my ID to show the guy at the door who looked about 12.

>h2>And…some videos from my 28th birthday party!!!

Chelsa demonstrates the sink of awesomeness…

We all pile into the cab…


Walter tries to come up with a word…

(This was my pre-party on the weekend before my actual 28th birthday. On the day of my real birthday in the middle of the week we went to Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant for dinner.)

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  • Walter
    January 18, 2009at6:46 pm

    1. Why are the pictures so washed out? Your hands were a lot more blue than that picture makes it out to be.
    2. I didn’t realize you were taking that movie in the cab.
    3. I was super embarrassed by the Upwords movie until I found out it was the NUTS/SLUTTI/UZ super combo.
    4. It’s like I can relive the entire night over and over and over again.

  • val
    January 18, 2009at6:54 pm

    Here is the hands pic unedited: Blue Hands.
    I don’t always like the way flash pics look in restaurants and bars, so i edited them.

  • Walter
    January 18, 2009at10:09 pm

    Now that’s more like how I remember them.

  • Sid
    January 18, 2009at11:30 pm

    fuzzy and bluuue
    your hands were fuzzy and bluuuue
    and they are happy to beeee
    so fuzzy and bluuuue

  • heather
    January 19, 2009at8:53 am

    you forgot to mention how the sink totally confused me at first, i had to cheat and watch the girl next to me use it like a creep, and it was then that i discovered the sink.

  • Jen
    January 19, 2009at12:15 pm

    I wish I could have been there, but don’t worry I had like 6 frozen strawberry margaritas for you!

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