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Happily ever after.

1. 24 finally started being a good show. They got a love story, it’s all I ask for!!! Love not war! Kissing not bombs!

2. Tonight Nad and I went to pick up my bridesmaids dress (it now fits perfectly so i will be the perfect hot single bridesmaid!) I told her that i want to do my hair like this for the wedding:

Sanjaya's hair on American Idol

I think she’s OK with it…as long as I don’t wear a headband.

3.faeriewingtips: wtf? my computer just told me “a running program is incompatible with your color scheme”
Glitterbot: okaaaaaay?
Glitterbot: apparently, even you comp thinks that pink is too much

4. Chris Sligh was voted off tonight. He was my early favorite but I haven’t liked him lately. His singing went downhill, he got way too full of himself, and he stopped being funny. Go Dolittle!

5. You know what sucks??? When you spend over a month reading a thousand page book only to get to the end and it be really sad and not happily ever after. 🙁 books make me cry. I guess the ending fit though.

Other than that Gone With The Wind was an amazingly good book and probably one of the best I’ve ever read. I think I am kind of partial though because, sadly, I saw a lot of myself in Scarlett.

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