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1. My hair
Wow, I should beg for comments more often 🙂 So much feedback on my hair post!

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts. Here are the standings as of 8:26 on December 21:
12 – 5
16 – 3
09 – 2
10 – 2
06 – 1
08 – 1
11 – 1
14 – 1

12 was a pretty popular pic, for both color and style.

Now, I do have to say I did quite like the color and cut of 12, unfortunately that color was a result of 2 weeks of fading of the bright orange, and the pic was taken immediately after i had gotten my hair cut and I was never ever able to restyle it to look anywhere near as nice. And I do like my current number 16 (runner up), but it is starting to fade weird now.

What I found funniest was that Rob voted blonde when he’s said before he likes dark hair and MK voted dark when he told me all year he liked the blonde best.

My final decision is actually to go blonde, somewhere between 8 and 9 maybe (Chrises win!), but probably a little darker of blonde. I actually had a really tough time when I dyed my hair away from blonde at the end of the summer. I really really liked it, but alas, a goal is a goal, and I had to move on. Now I am looking forward to getting back to being a blondie!!!!

JoeJoe, yes, I am a natural blonde. I would try to go natural (believe it or not I did do that for a whole year just a few years ago) but it’s always hard because no matter how close you get, you are always having to deal with 2-toned hair.

As for cut, I am apparently the only person on earth who likes me with long hair better. I feel girlier with it long I guess. I probably won’t let it grow as long as it was (it kept getting caught in my armpits) but I definitely want it longer again. Eh, who am I kidding, I will let it grow that long because I am lazy about getting haircuts. 🙂

2. My foot
The ball of my right foot is killing me. Now the heel of my left foot is killing me. This makes it impossible for me to find a pair of shoes that work.

3. My aura
I shall leave you today with Scott’s thoughts on me as a girly girl:

Glitterbot: you are the girliest girl I know
faeriewingtips: hehe, i will take that as a huge compliment 🙂
Glitterbot: shall we explore how girly you are?
faeriewingtips: hehe
faeriewingtips: just because i plan my wedding and wear pink?
Glitterbot: lets see, why are you girly..have the wedding planned out, obsess about interior design/decorating, the pink aspect is very amusing, obsess about watching reality tv, cooking shows, heck, just watch soaps and it would be perfect, lets see, what else…
faeriewingtips: i used to watch soap operas
Glitterbot: ah yes, you’re obsession with theater, though that’s not as girly
Glitterbot: hmm, you do have an interest in fashion, but I”m not sure how much (although you’re the only one I know who put a bra on their wish list)
faeriewingtips: haha
faeriewingtips: i change my outfits 20 times before i’m going to see a boy i like
faeriewingtips: and about 10 any other time 🙂
Glitterbot: ah yes!
Glitterbot: I forgot about that
faeriewingtips: 🙂

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