Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

Great Easter Baking Experiment

Easter is my favorite candy holiday of the year. I mean, Halloween is mostly just regular candy in orange wrappers. And Valentine’s day is all about those disgusting Russel Stover heart boxes. But Easter brings out the good stuff. I mean, everything tastes better in bunny form (especially this ADORABLE bunny from Vosges Haut Chocolat). There are also peeps which I hate to eat but once proved would survive a year in your backpack, through a house fire, and through a couple of months in a car trunk with little to no damage). And you cannot count out Cadbury and their Creme Eggs and my personal favorite the mini egg, which is chocolate candy coating perfection.

Today I decided to try out the Great Easter Candy Baking Experiment 2009: Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies!

Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

So I always remembered seeing this Alfred Hitchcock show when I was a kid. The episode was about a little girl who had this doll that came to life. I looked it up last night and found it for free on Hulu! It’s from Alfred Hitchcock Hour and the episode is called “Where the Woodbine Twineth.” (I won’t ruin anything else because you should go watch it because it is awesome.) Anyways, I find it quite ironic that this long lost TV show I haven’t seen since I was 10 apparently began with Hitchcock talking about having a pie-eating contest.

I am more than excited about Robert Irvine coming back to Dinner Impossible! Who cares that he lies on his resume, he made that show great!

My reasons for saying no would be stupider than you’d think. My reasons for saying yes would be stupider than you’d think.

Being woken up at 3am to your cell phone vibrating under your head can be very confusing.

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