Joe an Alina at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Goodby love, goodbye.

At lunch today I found out the most depressing news I’ve ever heard. The love of my life, the man I hoped to spend my entire life with, the man I’ve been pursuing for the last six years…is getting married. 🙁 He said that if I had gone to lunch with him yesterday, it might have been me. 🙁

Anyways, congratulations JoeJoe and Alina! despite the fact that it’s been my life’s mission to break them up, I do truly love them together and couldn’t be happier for them. I guess I have to officially move on from Joe 🙁 But, then again, they’re not married yet 😉

Me and Joe at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Oops…I meant to post this:

Joe an Alina at the Eiffel Tower in Paris


Nad and I went to Sigara tonight and so I officially have four things checked off my list. I had a yummy Raspberry stoli and 7up and we shared a “Serenity Now” (Jasmine and mint) hookah and a cheese plate. The hookah was really good and smooth and not as strong as I thought it would be. A lot of the time I didn’t even know I’d gotten anything until I was actually blowing out the smoke 🙂 The vibe of the place was really cool, we sat on pillows around a little table and there was a belly dancer going around. I will definitely go again 🙂

– hookah condoms
– discussing what it would take for Jenny and I to get in a fist fight at Nadia’s wedding.
– remembering the one “fight” Nad and I ever got in 🙂
– “When are you and “…” getting married?” (I love Bryan)
– Bryan “what’s a fig?” Nadia “It’s what they put inside of a fig newton”

I had a demitasse of Turkish coffee, which is amazing if you don’t mind the texture. I don’t normally like black coffee, but this is thicker so you don’t need the cream. When I finished I read my grounds (even though you’re technically not supposed to read your own) and saw:

a duck, which means I have money coming in.

mushrooms, which means a journey is coming.

I really hope both are true.

I need to buy myself an Ibrik.

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