Coconut Rice with Sauteed Goat from Bolat African Cuisine at the Taste of Chicago

Goat by any other name…

Lesson of the day…

in any form
tastes nasty.

For years this one place at the Taste of Chicago had goat and I tried it once and hated it. But mostly because it was smothered in extremely hot hot sauce and so all I could taste was burning.

This year a new place had goat too. It was not covered in sauce.

It was sour and rancid and icky.

In conclusion, Val should never try to eat goat again.

Here is everything I ate at the Taste today:

Sweet Potato Biscuit (C’est Si Bon)
Prime Rib Quesadilla (Grill on the Alley)
Grilled Wings with Pesto Aioli (Blu 47)
Coconut Rice with Sauteed Goat (Bolat African Cuisine)

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