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Girls Night Out

Two girls night outs in a row? What am I a female? Really, I spend entirely too much time with boys.

Friday night it was Starbucks with my girls. We talked about the weddings and such as always. I cried because I will be all alone and not married 🙁 not really, but still. Jenny isn’t kicking me out of her wedding for going to Europe this summer, but still might if I buy her anything even remotely shaped like a penis. We determined though that I definitely should find a guy in Italy to marry. Mmmm. Speaking of yummy things, I had one of these at Starbucks:

marble mocha Macchiato from Starbucks

It’s a Marble Mocha Macchiato: dark chocolae, white chocolate, and espresso, Yumyumyum. It’s a new special-type deally. I do love my chococoffee. It didn’t really look like that though, not with the swirlyswirls on top. It was just in a regular ole grande paper cup. After the Starbucks we headed over to Jedi’s. Jenny got a breakfast sandwich thing and they put a pickle on it. Who in the world puts pickles on breakfast sandwiches???

Saturday I had another girls night out when Jen P and I went to see the Joffrey’s Romeo and Juliet. Tis quite a wonderful performance. There was one particular moment after Romeo helped his Juliet back up to the balcony and he hoisted himself down clinging on but before dropping to the ground pulled himself up with the strength of his arms for a final goodnight kiss. Ahshakesperianballetlove. I’ve decided I need to find someone to fall instantly in love with. I’ve also decided I should have been a ballerina (tear).

Today I ignored the fact that I need to do homework and watched HGTV and MTV (there was a True Life documentary on competitive eating, my favorite sport. It showed Takeru Kobayashi, who is like the champion eater of the world. He apparently has some crazy stomach thing where his tummy is lower than its supposed to be so it can expand more or something which leads to why he can eat so much).

I might start scanning some of my old pics. Like old old. Who knows, perhaps I will some day get around to posting my entire collection. Watch for those coming soon.

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