Girls just want to have fun! 100 things to do in 2007. My 2007 resolutions.

Girls just want to have fun: 100 Things to Do in 2007

Introducing Val’s theme for 2007…

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Last year’s theme was Valerie’s Best Year Ever, and what with going to Europe and all, it’s going to be a pretty tough year to beat. So, to try to make up for that, I have devised a list of 100 things to do in 2007.

Now, I have pretty much succumb to the fact that it will be nearly impossible to complete all 100 things on this list since that would be about two per week, since there are technically well over 100 things on the list, and especially since a few of the things probably will fall on the same day. So, while I will strive to do as much as I can, I’ve determined that I will be successful if I can do at least half of this list in 2007. 🙂 That aint a bad goal if I do say so myself.

I also apologize that some of my list is rather boring (65-71 for example) but I have to balance the party with a little order.

If there is anything in particular that you want to do with me (or for me, hehem#44hehem) leave me a comment and let me know!

Oh, and since last years goal was to have 12 hair colors, I figured that obviously this years goal should be to have 12 men 🙂 hehe

So, may I present…


Valerie’s 100 things to do in 2007:

1. Move out
2. Furnish, unpack all my boxes and decorate
3. Find a man (or twelve)
4. Pick a hair color and stick with it
5. Get a tattoo (or at least get mine touched up)
6. Stand up at my best friends wedding
7. Stand up at my sister’s wedding
8. Audition for American Idol 🙂 (or at least apply for one reality show)

9. Go to the top of the Sears Tower (hello, when is the last time anyone did that?)
10. See a roller derby bout
11. Have a picnic
12. Go to 10 pin
13. See the Christmas trees at the museum of science and industry
14. Go to the 80s dance club
15. Go to a carnival
16. At least 2 Chicago summer festivals
17. Free dance lessons in Grant Park
18. Go to Bromann Park
19. Go to Millennium Park
20. Go to a haunted house
21. See a concert
22. See fireworks on 3rd/fourth of july
23. Ride the Navy Pier ferris wheel

24. See Blue Man Group (I haven’t seen them since HS)
25. See Second City (I’ve never seen them)
26. See Naked Boys Singing
27. See the Kurt Halsey Art Show at DVA
28. See at least 3 plays
29. See at least 1 ballet
30. See plenty of Opera
31. Go to at least 2 book readings
32. Go to at least 1 art show (other than Kurt’s)
33. Go to MCA
34. Go to Around the Coyote

35. Go to the Music Box Theatre – Music Box Massacre (If they do it again)
36. Watch all the 80s cartoons I have on dvd
37. Watch 3 80s movies I have never seen before
38. Watche The Science of Sleep (looks interesting)
39. Watch every Hellraiser movie (I’ve already seen all the F13s, Halloweens, Elm Streets, and Childs Plays)
40. Go to free movies in the Grant Park
41. Go to at least one midnight movie at music box

42. Get my nails done
43. Take a bubble bath
44. Get flowers from a boy 😉

45. Resurrect Valerie’s movie night at least a couple times
46. Throw a housewarming party
47. Throw a wine and cheese party
48. Throw a pajama party
49. Throw a game night
50. Throw a Christmas party

51. Read ten Pulitzer Prize winning books (my goal is to eventually read them all)
52. Read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genious
53. Read A Million Little Pieces to see what all the fuss is about

54. Write a good draft of my memoir
55. Edit that draft
56. Write an article and send it out
57. Finish a good essay and send it out
58. Finish a good short story and send it out

Web Design:
59. Learn google analytics
60. Learn Actionscript
61. Finish my website (so many little things I never finished)
62. Figure out what is wrong with the leave comments section on my website
63. Scan five old event’s photos onto my website
64. Relearn basic php and mysql

Life and professional:
65. Finish my masters
66. Develop a good “5 year plan
67. Apply to do freelance editing
68. Organize my recipe collection
69. Organize my photos
70. Develop a financial plan (MK help!)
71. Design a freelance website
72. Learn to use my ipod and get all my music on it

73. Go golfing (at least to a driving range)
74. Learn to snowboard
75. Skate along the lake when it is nice out
76. Go ice skating
77. Go to a roller skating rink
78. Go to a baseball game

79. Go to Las Vegas (I’ve gone every year for the last three years)
80. Go to Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm (or a similar locale)
81. Visit a state I have never been to
82. See Takeru Kobayashi (Sheboygan Johnsonville Brat Fest?)
83. Knock off at least a few of the following Illinois Roadside Attractions:
     a. World’s largest Catsup Bottle
     b. World’s Tallest and Ugliest Lincoln Statue
     c. World’s Largest Pot of Coffee
     d. Giant Lincoln on a Covered Wagon
     e. Effingham Giant Cross
     f. The Gays 2-Story Outhouse
     g. The Leaning Tower of Niles
     h. Ahlgrim’s Funeral Parlor and Mini-Golf
     i. The Hubcap House
     j. The Golden Pyrimid House
     k. Statue of world’s tallest man

Food and Libations:
84. Go for a fancy tea
85. Bake once a month
86. Learn to make good soufflé
87. Eat duck fat fries at Hot Doug’s
88. Go to Adobo for guac and margs
89. Try three different wine bars
90. Make a ginger bread house
91. Chicago Wine Festival
92. Go to half of the coffee shops that Time Out recommended in their coffee issue
     a. Metropolis
     b. Charmers Café
     c. Lakeside Café
     d. Café Ennui
     e. Istria Café
     f. Medici Bakery on 57th
     g. Third World Café
     h. Julius Meinl
     i. Pick Me Up Café
     j. Uncommon Ground
     k. Intelligentsia
     l. Ventrella’s Caffe
     m. The Grind
     n. Beans & Bagels
     o. The Perfect Cup
     p. Swim Café
     q. Atomix
     r. Mercury Café
     s. Muse
     t. Café Mestizo
     u. Jumping Bean
     v. Kristoffer’s Café and Bakery
     w. Marshall McGearty Tobacco Artisans
     x. Filter
     y. Half & Half
     z. Caffe de Luca
93. Sigara (Hookah Bar)
94. Moonshine for mohitos
95. Orange for brunch
96. Skylark (because they apparently have good tater tots)
97. Enter a recipe contest
98. Go to the Taste of Chicago
99. Get sushi
100. Freddy’s Pizza in Cicero (Chicago Mag voted it Best Gelato in the city)


There are also a few more things I hope to do that haven’t made the list, either because they are places I’ve already been and just want to go back, or goals that will be hard to keep track of. For instance I want to go back to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder (they have the best salad dressing and bread in the world) and plan to try to write 300 words a day, and also plan to attend wedding showers and bachelorette parties galore!

Hmm, that’s a lot. I better get cracking! Because girls just want to have fun and this list will definitely help me achieve that goal!

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