Gifts for your cat-loving best friend. Crazy Cat Lady Gifts. Presents for cat lovers.

Gifts for your Cat-Loving Best Friend. (Is it me???)

Presents for the cat lover in your life. Or for yourself. Or for me...?

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If you haven’t noticed, I have kind of had a one-track mind lately. And by kind of I mean totally. And by one-track I mean cat. Cat mind. All I think about is cats. Cats cats cats.

You might call me a crazy cat lady.

You wouldn’t be wrong.

And what does a cat lady need besides a cat? Twenty cats. And what does a cat lady who probably needs twenty cats but can only have two cats according to her lease need? Cat stuff.

All the cat stuff.

I recently wrote a round up of awesome modern cat things for your cat but if you’re a crazy cat lady like me, maybe you also want some awesome cat things for yourself? And if you’re not a cat lady like me maybe you know someone who loves cats as much as I do? Like a crazy cat lady aunt? A sister who is a cat lover? A cat-loving best friend? Surely you know someone as obsessed with cats as me…

Please tell me you do.

Anyways, if you do happen to know someone who loves cats as much as I do (or, like, you know me) and want to get her a gift (hint hint), or if you want to treat yourself to some cat-lover accoutrements, look no further. I’ve rounded up some of the cutest, funnest, prettiest, and most useful cat lady accessories out there and they would make the perfect gifts for your cat-loving best friend. Or for yourself. Or for me…


Gifts for your cat-loving best friend. Crazy Cat Lady Gifts. Presents for cat lovers.

Gifts for your Cat-Loving Best Friend:

Petcube Play
You guys. You guys. With a Petcube you not only can watch your cats all day from your phone you can actually play with them from your phone…

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle
We all know cats are completely cute on the inside and just a little evil on the inside. These candles celebrate that fact.

Meow Stemless Wine Glass
So you can drink Cat Wine with your cats. Obviously.

Cat Pillow
If you love sleeping with your kitties why not sleep on a kitty?

Cat Ring Dish
Just don’t keep it too close to the ledge of your dresser or else someone might knock it off.

Cat And Mouse Bottle Opener
Cats usually knock down bottles. This cat helps open them.

Cat Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt lamps reduce anxiety and increase energy. Cats do the same.

House Cat Cheese Board
The purr-fect accessory for your next party. Just don’t invite any mice.

Betsey Johnson Gold-Tone White Enamel Cat Earring Jackets
I mean, how cute are these?

Cat Stainless Water Bottle
You need to stay hydrated to outlast the laser pointer.

Shop Cats of New York
A coffee table book about some of the best cats in New York.

Greyscale Kitties Print
Your art should always reflect your interests.

Mudpuppy Cool Cats 1000 Piece Puzzle
Because, let’s face it, us cat ladies need something to do while we’re home alone on a Friday night.

Catbird Lovecats Gold-tone Ring
Because if your cat really loves you he’d put a ring on it.

Mini Cat Link Bracelet
Because you should always wear your love of cats on your sleeve.

You Rescued Me Pet Friend Charm Necklace
OMG it’s like those best friend heart necklaces we had as a kid but FOR YOU AND YOUR CAT.

David Bowie Cat Tote Bag
I tote-ally wouldn’t mind if David Bowie was reincarnated as a cat.

Cat Lady Cozy Warmer Socks
Because when your cats aren’t sleeping on your feet you need some way to keep them warm.

Cat Planter
Plant a plant… then watch your cat knock it down.

Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones
Listen to my upcoming album, “Songs I sing to My Cat,” with kitty-ear headphones.

Kittii Cat Leather Crossbody Bag
For those times you actually leave your apartment on a Friday night.

Kate Spade New York Tech Accessories Cat Portable Leather Lightning Cable
So you can charge your phone so you can watch your cats on your Petcube.

Cat Lady Mug
What better way to spend Caturday morning with a cup of coffee in a Cat Lady For Life mug?


Gifts for your Cat-Loving Best Friend. (Is it me???) Presents for the cat lover in your life. Or for yourself. Or for me...?
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