Weekend in Champaign

Get the mace!

My weekend in Champaign in 10 items or less…

Weekend in Champaign

1. Alkaline Trio makes me happy.

2. Blind Pig totally had a mace attached to the wall just with little nail. Seriously good to know if there is ever a bar fight. And no, not the kind that sprays 😉

Weekend in Champaign

3. Put a jigsaw puzzle in front of my and I will make some major progress.

4. If I see something on food network I will inevitably crave it.

5. Pushing Daisies is apparently an awesome show. Made of Honor was not an awesome movie.

6. Rock Band is awesome. Until Lindsay breaks the foot peddle in half. I like singing. I think that is the only game I have ever played on “medium” skill level. I also noticed I sang about four times as loud as everyone else did. It’s called projection people.

Weekend in Champaign

8. I forgot how delicious pokey sticks are at 3am

Pokey Sticks from Gumby's

9. Lindsay’s always promising me drunken debauchery and wild nights…then we’re always too tired to follow through.

10. Hurricanes=record rains=flooding=horrible drive home=missing the jalapeno-eating contest 🙁

Weekend in Champaign

Weekend in Champaign

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