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Recently I’ve been qualifying many of my adventures with the phrase “this may be the stupidest idea I’ve ever had.” Well, let me tell you, this weekend I indeed had the stupidest plan yet and it’s going to be very very hard to top…


Once upon a time in the far off land of Chicago there lived a princess. It was the night of the ball, which she could not miss. Unfortunately, her princes were not at the ball but 600 miles away preparing for battle the very next day. The princess was determined to fulfill her royal obligations to attend the ball but also desired to see her heroes perform. Could she dash away by midnight before her coach turned into a pumpkin…errr…in order to see a hamburger eating contest in Chattanooga?

So Saturday night was the Opening Night Gala and Opera Ball at Lyric. I, of course, had to work, but really I love it because it gives me a chance to get dressed up and when else in my life am I ever going to go to a ball?

Opera Ball

My job throughout the night was to do videography, capture interviews, get some footage of people in ball gowns walking the red carpet and getting out of their limos, people dancing, and the Grand March when all the stars arrive to the ball.

Opera Ball

After the gala we headed over to the Hilton for Opera Ball.

Opera Ball

After a bit of filming we were free to enjoy the party! We had our first course of Smoked Duck Breast, Triangle of Clafoutis, and Petite Mache Salad and main course of Mustard Herbed Filet Mignon with Truffle Sauce, Potatoes Daphinois, Carrot Mousse, and Haricots Verts.

Opera Ball

Unfortunately, midnight approached quickly so I had to dash out before the crème brulee was served, but I had a nine and a half hour drive ahead and a hamburger eating championship to get to…

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  • Sid
    September 29, 2008at9:55 pm

    i’ve never seen an actual ball before…i thought they went out of style long ago

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