Flores, Guatemala

Things to do in Flores, Guatemala.

If you’re looking for things to do in Flores, Guatemala the answer is: there aren’t many. The island of Flores, for me and most people, was really just a jumping off point to explore the nearby Mayan ruins of Tikal. So most backpackers didn’t stick around to do much else in town.

Sure, I walked around a bit and explored the colorful architecture. But Flores was hot. Really hot. All day. All night. So much so that I sometimes would duck into a convenience store just to feel a blast of air conditioning. So wandering wasn’t really the best activity. The heat was, though, a good excuse to take a dip in Lake Petén Itzá. So, I guess, that was one thing to do.

But other than that, Flores was a bit boring. Still, I stayed four nights all the same simply because I didn’t feel like moving. I hung out in my hostel, befriended some other travelers along with a couple of adorable hostel cats and reveled in the fact that, for now at least, it was to be my last stop in Guatemala.

And for that I was thankful.

Because in Guatemala my bank card got cancelled twice. I threw my back out. A tour guide tried to molest me. Someone stole my Lonely Planet. And, on my way out, I had to pay the border guy money I shouldn’t have had to pay. So Guatemala and I weren’t necessarily on the best terms and I was excited to move on to Belize.

Photos of Flores, Guatemala:

A cat who lived at my hostel, one of many cats I befriended around the world.

Another hostel cat.

Swimming in Lake Petén Itzá.

Swimming in Lake Petén Itzá.

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  • Gina
    May 15, 2013at3:18 pm

    Sorry to hear things didn’t go so great in Flores. It looks like a beautiful city.

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