High School Reunion


A housewarming, a high school reunion, and a birthday party.

Why is it that I can go weeks without having anything really to do and then everyone seems to plan everything for the very same night? What do you do when one friend is having a housewarming party, another is having a birthday party, and it’s all on the same night as your high school reunion that you’re not even sure you want to go to? Well, you try as hard as you might to squeeze everything into one night!


Joe and Meredith’s Housewarming

When I woke up on Saturday I hadn’t been planning on going to Joe and Meredith’s housewarming as it started at 6 and my reunion was at 7. But then as I was gathering directions for the day I noticed that their new place was only a mile from the reunion bar…so of course I had to go! Of course, I got there around 6:30 and left by 7:15 so I came and went before any other guests arrived, but I am happy I got to see their place! And ONE of the closets in their bedroom is bigger than my entire bedroom. And I got to taste one of Meredith’s little wieners…which did not mean going upstairs with Joe 😉


High School Reunion

In all honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to my high school reunion. It was really a matter of while I didn’t necessarily want to go, I didn’t want to not go. And it really didn’t help that none of my friends wanted to go so I would have to venture over all by myself. But I decided to brave it alone as really, it’s one night in ten years that you get to see a bunch of people you went to school with long ago.

Grade School picture at our high school reunion

So I got to the bar around 7:30 and was immediately greeted by Michelle who I haven’t seen since high school but admitted that she stalked my website (hi!). And I felt good about my decision to go. But I think seeing my long lost friend Jeff again solidified my decision because he called me about 5 years ago and my social anxiety kicked in and I never called him back. So it was good to catch up finally! Mat finally came too. And I had lots of wine.

Reconnecting with an old friend at our high school reunion


Alyssa’s Birthday

I left the reunion shortly after ten and headed to Innjoy in the city to see Alyssa for her birthday celebration. There were drinks and 80s music and some weird movie on the TV that we couldn’t figure out. And I had lots of rum. Awesome.

Alyssa's birthday party at Innjoy

Alyssa's birthday party at Innjoy

Alyssa's birthday party at Innjoy

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