Smoke Daddy pulled pork sandwich

Fixing and Fixating

So I don’t watch the Office. I mean, I love it every time I see it but I don’t watch it regularly and have maybe seen about ten episodes. But I watched the wedding. And cried. And cried. And once he cut off his tie I was pretty much GONE.

I hate when people say things about your life that you know are true but you just don’t want to believe.

What’s worse than waiting for someone to call? When you’re waiting for someone to call and your phone is out of batteries and therefore vibrates every two minutes.

Guys take note. Pink sapphire + rough cut diamonds + recycled gold = the perfect engagement ring…
pink sapphire and rough cut diamond engagement ring

The moon didn’t blow up this morning! I was kind of nervous that it would and I would wake up to some sort of apocalypse!

Terra Garlic Mashed Yukon Gold potato chips are my new favorite snack.

Sunday breakfast was pulled pork sandwiches from the Smoke Daddy.

Pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese from Smoke Daddy

Pulled pork sandwich and fries from Smoke Daddy

Tuesday Mat and I went to see two shows at the IO. And we got pizza from Ian’s.

Pasta Pizza from Ian's Wrigleyville

I somehow cracked my really expensive 9-month old awesometacular camera 🙁 It is just the screen so it has no effect on the functions but it just makes me sick! After the wedding next weekend I might send it in to get fixed because I just hate myself for letting it get cracked (and I have no idea how it happened!)

I really need to stop chickening out of things. I made the first step. Now. Waiting. waiting. waiting.

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