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Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

1. Sometimes a certain special someone calls you nearly two years after the last time and the first time you heard their voice. Just because they want to make sure you don’t sound like you’re on Jerry Springer. And sometimes that kind of makes your day.

2. True story. I woke up on Emily’s couch Sunday morning. I realized that my nose stud was missing. I looked around and couldn’t find it in the couch cushions. No biggie. I usually don’t sleep with it in as it has the tendancy to fall out and they are super cheap so whatever. An hour later while waiting for the bus I start feeling something in the back of my throat. So I try to hack up and end up spitting out my nose stud. I am guessing it came loose in the night and I sucked it in through my nose and then eventually migrated to my throat. Next time I cough I am hoping to find a diamond ring.

3. Last night was Italian food and Italian opera with Jen. We headed over to Italian Village where I got some yummy seafood ravioli and Reisling and then headed to the Opera! We went to the Barber of Seville which was freaking awesome. The Magritte-inspired sets were amazing. The staging was amazing. Shirtless Nathan Gunn singing Figaro!? Amazing. It was a pretty damn funny opera. If you have never seen it, this video basically sums it up:

4. I want to a Pittsburgh Pirate game baseball game here with all you can eat food. Seriously, I’d spend $40 a ticket if it meant all I could eat ballpark food!

5. Robert Irvine, star of one of my favorite TV shows was canned for lying on his resume. 🙁 Hopefully they will find a good replacement because “Dinner: Impossible” is one of my favorite shows ever.

6. Jeff did a very good job at finding me a cheap second laptop for traveling 🙂 He knows me so well.

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