Even all my kitchen gadgets are teal.

My Favorite Resources for Teal Kitchens

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My totally teal kitchen.


Want to know how to get a kitchen as awesomely teal as mine?

If there’s one thing in this world I’m an expert in, it’s finding teal home decor. Especially for my kitchen. I can walk into any store, sniff the air, and zone in to anything teal. I’m kind of like a drug-sniffing dog that way. It’s my super power.


It’s actually really easy to collect everything teal for your kitchen (or any color, really), so long as you’re not in a rush. I didn’t go out and buy everything at once, I just slowly collected through the years, buying things when I’d see it in teal. A colander here and set of measuring spoons there. It did help greatly that I collected most of my teal kitchenware while I was living with my parents or with a roommate and so I didn’t need anything right away. But, luckily, teal is usually out there and usually easy to find if you do a little digging.


Here are my favorite resources for teal kitchens:

My Favorite Resources for Teal Kitchens - Teal Kitchen Utensils, Teal Kitchen Appliances, Teal Kitchen Accessories, and Teal Kitchen Storage


Teal Kitchen Utensils and Accessories

My three favorite places to find teal kitchen utensils and accessories are Macy’s, HomeGoods, and Target.

Macy’s is a good one for one reason: Martha Stewart. Martha is a goddess for all things home and she seems to like teals as much as me. So many of her kitchenware comes in her signature blue. I have a Martha Stewart colander, mixing bowl, food chopper, timer, egg slicer… Everything. And they sell it at Macy’s. I can’t even go down to their basement home section without buying something.

HomeGoods is a great discount store and I almost always find Kitchenaid accessories on sale there. In teal, obviously. Mixing spoons, pastry brushes, can openers… Let’s just say I can’t go in there either.

Target is good too, though it depends on the time of year and what color is currently on trend. Sometimes everything will be in turquoise and aqua and powder blue and I will be so happy. Other times everything will be red and I’ll cry. But usually, at least a few times a year, you’ll find some things in blue. I’ve gotten measuring cups and measuring spoons and spatulas and spoons and an ice cream scoop and all kinds of teal kitchen utensils from Target.


Silicone teal tong / Teal Half Spreader / Teal Nylon Slotted Spoon / Aqua 3-cup French press / Aqua Stainless Steel Colander / American Weigh ONYX Slim Kitchen Scale in Turquoise / Small Soak & Strain / kate spade new york All in Good Taste Tea Kettle in Turquoise


Teal Kitchen Appliances

KitchenAid is the king of teal appliances. They have everything in varying shades: stand mixers, hand mixers, blenders, soda streams… Pretty much if they have it, they have it in teal.

Of course, other companies make small appliances in teals too. I have a mishmash of shades and brands in my kitchen: KitchenAid (stand mixer), Oster (blender), Cuisinart (coffee maker). I was just sad I couldn’t find a teal crock pot or microwave…

I also wouldn’t object to a powder blue SMEG refrigerator…If only I wasn’t in a rental.


SMEG 2-slice toaster in pastel green. / KitchenAid® 12-Inch Convection Digital Countertop Oven in Aqua / Keurig® Coffee Brewing System in Turquoise / KitchenAid Aqua Sky Diamond Vortex Blender / Sparkling Beverage Maker in Aqua Sky / KitchenAid “Artisan” 5 Quart Tilt Head Stand Mixer


Teal Kitchen Storage

When I bought the RÅSKOG cart from IKEA everyone chimed in that they had one too or knew someone who had one. So, chances are, you probably have one already. It’s adorable and the perfect shade of blue and works well as a “pantry” in my tiny kitchen. Even if I move into a larger kitchen some day I’m sure I’ll find something to do with this cart. Same same for the turquoise bookshelf I picked up at the Container Store. It fit nicely in the corner of my kitchen and is great extra storage and space for my microwave and other appliances.

(True story: I bought the shelving unit when I first moved in and thought it was a great idea to carry it home on the train by myself. It wasn’t. But I somehow got it home…It didn’t look that heavy…)

And, obviously, every room needs an owl. I got a cute teal owl utensil holder at World Market. The cookie jar is pretty sweet too.


Aqua Owl Cookie Jar / IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart in turquoise / Turquoise Barcelona 5-Shelf Bookcase


Even all my kitchen gadgets are teal.

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  • V.T
    March 10, 2016at9:18 am

    I was randomly googling 1000 life goals and happened upon your blog. I like the layout and the whole teal decor thing you have going. It ( the blog) gives a lot of inspiration. Mind you I’m not saying I agree to everything on here I just skimmed through the recent posts and liked most of what I saw and thought it’d be a nice compliment to tell.

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