Mat on his phone

False alarm

1. So…Sometimes you check to make sure the plug is plugged into your computer and it is. And then you check to make sure the plug is plugged into the outlet and it is. But you should also check to make sure both of those parts are plugged into each other. Just sayin. So in conclusion, I am an idiot and my computer is working. Well, its working as well as it has been. Which means it still shuts itself off a couple of times per use. I am considering still stealing my mom’s laptop (she doesn’t use it). But I don’t know how powerful it is. I am also considering saving up for a Mac. Because I all I do on my computer is photography/web design/video editing so it makes sense.

2. This afternoon I met with my sister for lunch at the French Market. We shared a duck sandwich and frites with peanut and mayonnaise sauces and a banana nutella crepe.

Frites at the French Market in Chicago

Duck sandwich at the French Market in Chicago

Crepe at the French Market in Chicago

3. My boss is a very bad influence on me. After 5 or 6 glasses of wine I passed out before 7 tonight. After a nap I feel groggier but less drunken.

4. These are a few of my favorite outtakes from my homework photos with Mat…

Lighting assignment outtakes

Lighting assignment outtakes

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