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Eveyone flies but me…

I wish a naked golden man would come up from my fire pit

Monday night Emily and I went to see Die Frau ohne Schatten. It’s a four-hour long German fairy tale opera about an empress who ventures to the human world to procure a shadow so that she can bear children. I got an amazing pair of free tix, right in the main floor front!

The production was absolutely beautiful. I particularly liked the falcon who came down in a big lighted box and when the emperor came flying down on a flying horse. Oh, and the naked golden dude. He was fun. I also liked the falcon’s “theme” music, although, sorry Strauss, it kind of reminded me of what they’d play on a very special episode of the Brady Bunch when something is about to go terribly wrong (see episodes 73-75 where a tiki idol Bobby finds in Hawaii curses the family.) (p.s. I should probably be fired for saying that.)

The production was very very long though, and after an eight hour work day it’s tough to stay awake. My head was definitely bobbing through parts of it, but I made it through!


Wait, so you’re fine with the fact that she can fly but you can’t buy that the homecoming game is basketball?

Tonight I went to see The Sparrow with Alina, Joew, and Meredith. Raggedy Andy and Andra were supposed to come too, but dropped out of the party at the last minute.

The play totally rocked my socks off.

It’s about a teenager who returns to her town 10 years after her entire class died in a bus/train accident. We then later find out that she can fly and has magical mystical powers.

During intermission JoeW expressed his distaste because the homecoming game they portrayed was basketball and not the traditional football. I pointed out that this he couldn’t buy, but he had no qualms with the fact that the main character could fly…

I absolutely loved the show and highly recommend it. I think my favorite part of all was when the guy who eats his tie gets together with the girl who eats her hair. I was gunning for them as the perfect couple from the beginning of the show.

They had very interesting ways of portraying scenery too, like picture framed houses, and they incorporated video. At times it was a bit too Carrie or a bit too Beetlejuice, but who cares. It was awesome.


Still to come this week: Zumanity and Penn and Teller!

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