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And the everyday turned solitary, so we came to February

Sometimes, I wish I was an artist. February reminded me of that.

Between an afternoon at the Van Gogh bedroom exhibit at the Art Institute and coming across this gorgeous painted travel journal/blog/store, I just kept thinking, “I wish I was better at art.”

I’ve always been really involved in the arts. In high school I was in dance, choir, drama. I’m a photographer. I’m a writer. I work in opera. But drawing and painting? No. Not at all. I guess you can’t be good at everything. I guess.

Two years ago I did take a drawing class. I wasn’t terribly good at it but I enjoyed the class all the same and felt like I left with skills miles better than I came in with. I have always meant to go back for more classes but, somehow, time has just snuck by. Of course, I can’t really afford a drawing class right now. But, hopefully, some day soon, I’ll be back on track financially and can start taking on some extracurriculars.

Maybe, at least, by next February?




In February I…

Valentine's Day Doughnut

Celebrated Valentine’s Day.

On New Year’s Eve I semi-joked that Valentine’s Day just reminds me that I’m single but New Years reminds me that I’m single AND broke. So I can handle the former. In fact, I actually like Valentine’s Day. I mean, it really is a great excuse to just go all out for yourself, right? I started the day with a mocha and chocolate doughnut, bought a new print to hang, took myself to one of my favorite stores (Target) and told myself I could get whatever I wanted (with a gift certificate I had), marathoned Sex and the City episodes, and Grub Hubbed some dinner.

I’m a pretty awesome date if I say so myself.


Pączki Day

Celebrated Pączki Day.

Every Polish girl’s favorite holiday.


Visited Maggie Daley Park

We had one of those weekends with Chicago’s famous mirage weather. It was 50 degrees which, by all accounts, is pretty cold. But, after sub freezing winter temperatures it might as well have been full on summer. Everyone left their coat behind, people were out in t-shirts, everyone was outside. After our trip to see Van Gogh we stopped at Maggie Daley Park to be outside for a while too.


Went to my nephew’s birthday party

My nephew turned seven and Pokemon turned twenty on the same day. It was pure coincidence that he was having a Pokemon party. I mean, seven year olds aren’t that good at planning.



February Blog Posts

In case you missed anything, here’s what I blogged about this month…

Valentine's Day Cards you should probably give me.

Valentine’s Day Cards you should probably give me.

Valentine’s Day might be over, but you can profess your love to me any day of the year.


On Love and Travel.

On Love and Travel.

In case you weren’t aware, I’m single.


My teal global-inspired dining room.

My dining room and my buy-once philosophy.

My dining room. My buffet. And why I don’t mind splurging on nicer things…


White and teal boho bedroom.

My bedroom wish list.

Everything I want to make my bedroom finally done…er.


Me and the boys. They were pretty much the reason I went to Thailand.

Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

Same Same, But Different: Returning to Bangkok.

Chiang Mai & the eternal question: can you go home again?


Oh hey, I went to Thailand for a vacation last year. It was probably about time I wrote about that.



In other news…


That is all.

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