Steak Burger with Blue Cheese and Mustard Sauce from Tutto Italiano at the Taste of Chicago

Eight is enough at the Taste of Chicago.

1. I’m kicking myself 🙁


2. While it may have been my EIGHTH TIME at the Taste this year, today was the first time I really got to go and enjoy myself without being rushed to get back to work, catch a train, or find a fireworks spot. Nad and I met up and headed over for a fun day of food! While Nad was perusing the Taste booklet she kept poinnting out things she thought sounded good…and I basically said o everything “Yeah, that was good.” 🙂


Me and Nadia at Taste of Chicago.


I love the Taste of Chicago because I think it’s the only place in the world where strangers openly walk right up to you and say “What are you eating???”

We also watched a crazy demonstration by this Japanese guy who cut fruit and vegetables into flowers and bunny rabbits.

Today at the Taste of Chicago I ate…

Steak Burger with Blue Cheese and Mustard Sauce (Tutto Italiano)
Beignets (Lagniappe)
Jibarito – Plantain Sandwich with Steak (Sabor Latino)
Rice Pudding with Mangos and Dried Cranberries (The Grill on the Alley)
Frozen Grapes (Home Run Inn)
Southern Comfort Frozen Hurricane (Southern Comfort Frozen Hurricane Booth)


Some of the things Nadia ate include…

Nadia at the Taste of Chicago.


No one went to the Potbelly Booth…

Potbelly at the Taste of Chicago.

I am a floating head!

Floating head at Taste of Chicago.


3. Nad and I found a crazy Target close to her condo. We bought a cable so she can finally watch real TV and so we hooked it up and found weird reality shows on networks we’ve never heard of where contestants stand on big crosses and pretend to be scarecrows.


4. I am going to move into Nadia’s spare room and be the resident dancer. Whenever she rings the bell I will come out of my room in a tutu and entertain guests.


5. I saw the Leaning Tower of Niles!!!

Leaning Tower of Niles in Niles, Illinois.


6. Went to Chilis with Nad, Jen, and Adam. Mananaged to scarf down my entire plate of chicken fingers despite having had too much food earlier. Adam is going to calculate the perfect coordinates for us to meet that will be the same distance between all of our places 🙂

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