Pierogi in Krakow, Poland

Dropping Zloty: What I ate in Poland.

When traveling, I mostly spend my money on food. Luckily the zloty went kind of far…


What I ate in Poland:

Coffee Heaven in Warsaw, Poland.
Coffee Heaven was my saving grace. It’s a Polish chain…maybe? But the menu was in English. So I understood it. I went there like a bazillion times.

Horrible pizza in Warsaw, Poland.
The worst piece of pizza ever from a window in Warsaw. The dough was way too sweet. The sauce was way too sweet. And you know I like sweet.

Fried fish in Warsaw, Poland.
I pointed to this in a self-catering place in Warsaw. I thought it would be pork but it was actually fish. Whatevs.

Cheesecake and a white mocha for dinner.
Sometimes you realize you are free to do whatever you want. So you get cheesecake and a white mocha for dinner.

meat on toast in Krakow, Poland.

Onion soup in Krakow, Poland.

potato pancakes with meat stew in Krakow, Poland.
After Auschwitz, and a car ride both ways that made me puke, and a thunderstorm that made me not want to go far, I stepped into this little restaurant around the corner. And I ordered onion soup and potato pancakes topped with beef stew. And they gave me a little toast with a three-meat blended thing on top.

Meat pierogi in Krakow, Poland.

Apple pie in Krakow, Poland.
I got meat pierogi one day. Am I a bad Polish girl that I never even knew that pierogi came in meat? I thought it was just cheese or saurkraut or potato or plum. I also got apple pie. Because apparently dessert here is important.

McDonalds in Krakow, Poland.
Yeah. So I really didn’t mean to go to McDonalds. I hate going to American chains when I travel abroad. But I was starving and it started pouring rain while I was standing in front of one so I ducked in. The Polish word for McNuggets is apparently McNuggets. I don’t know the Polish word for honey though but she just gave me bbq sauce without asking anyways.

Duck with cranberry in Krakow, Poland.

Dumplings in Krakow, Poland.
And on my last night in Krakow I treated myself to duck and dumplings.

Orange gelato in Krakow, Poland.

Chocolate gelato in Krakow, Poland.

Cookies and cream gelato in Krakow, Poland.
Gelato in Krakow. Orange, chocolate, cookies and cream. (My gelato count was pretty high. Maybe I should have gone to Italy…)

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