Wine Tasting Party Kit

Dopey or Sneezy

Jen to Nat: It’s easiest to pick you as maid of honor.
Nat: Yeah, we can say that I will be your MOH and you will be mine.
Jen: Right, then no one gets offended.
Me: What about me?
Jen: You’ve already said that we aren’t even going to be in your wedding party. You said we were too old.

I have been sick this week. That means I’ve been doped up on DayQuil/NyQuil and has resulted in some very loopy email conversations:

me: i don’t like mustard i like boys i think the medicine i took is putting me to slleep
scott: hehe, that’s an awesome email. Just random stream of conciousnessinvolving mustard, boys, and medicine. That’s sounds like a badcombination.

Me: are you free satursday to do thingds?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Matt: What did you feel like doing?
Me: right now i feel like sleeping. silly dayquil isn’t supposed to put you to sleep silly sickme. i want to go fishing or golfing. or maybe we can go to maine. or we could buy a puppy. or we could go swim. or we couldsleepy
Matt: Well if you feel sick, then you should become unsick first. Go to sleep, silly.
Me: i cannot sleep i am working. by working i mean i am on myspace. i hate myspace. i also hate that my sick days don’t kick in for another month 🙁 we will do something fun on saturday! i want to do something fun yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i will bring you a bugatti. you will drive it vroom vroom

Applebees tonight was rocking the best collection of 80s music ever! Too bad I can hardly taste my food. Silly cold. I exchanged gifts with Nadia and Jenny. Jenny gave me a gift certificate to Pottery Barn and a cute dragonfly ornament. Nadia got me a set of stemless wine glasses and a Wine Tasting Party Kit. Now I can host my own blind tastings! Then I will guess them all correctly! Hehehe.

Wine Tasting Party Kit

p.s. I have so many wine glasses because this is the third Christmas ever that Nadia has given me wine glasses 🙂 I totally love her for it.

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