Don't Your Forget About Me Tree

Don’t you forget about me.



1. A lady offered me a seat on the train. No. An oldish lady gathered her three grocery-sized bags of stuff and reached over other standing women to tap me and offer me her seat even though she was not getting off. While I appreciate that there are people who will offer their seats to pregnant ladies, I am not one of them.


2. I had this conversation with the guy at Starbucks.
Val: Grande White Mocha.
Starbucks dude: That will be eight million dollars.
Val withdraws the hand that was handing over her credit card.
Starbucks dude: That only has to work once and then I can retire.


3. After work while waiting for the bus I saw this tree:

Don't You Forget About Me Tree


4. I met Chelsa and James on the bus to go to Adler. They were having a members event to talk about their upcoming renovations. This guy is going away:

Adler Planetarium Zeiss Projector

and being replaced by an all-digital high resolution high contrast military grade supercomputer setup.

It’s kind of cool but kind of sad at the same time that this really awesome old technology is being wiped away by computers.


5. After the Adler we went to DMK because they were having a special menu of things made with Crispin. I got a burger topped with cider braised pork. Yum. We also got fries with blue cheese and bacon. We wanted to get the cider-made apple pie but alas we were pretty stuffed and passed.

DMK Burger Bar Crispin Dinner

DMK Burger Bar Crispin Dinner - Crispin Cider

DMK Burger Bar Crispin Dinner - fries with blue cheese and bacon

DMK Burger Bar Crispin Dinner - burger topped with cider braised pork

DMK Burger Bar Crispin Dinner - burger topped with cider braised pork


6. I met up with Mat to go watch some improv at the io. It was funny.

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