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Don’t Expect This to be Nice to Matt

The estimate on my car was $1,000. The mechanics though will look at it further and then deal with the insurance. Hopefully it will look and drive like new. My OnStar recently lapsed and I am now waiting ’till the car gets fixed to resubscribe to it so I am not wasting the money while not being able to drive it. In retrospect it would be funny if I did still have it and got my email diagnostic that told me to check everything.

I really should not be allowed to ever buy anyone any type of edible Christmas present because inevitably I will break down and eat it.

I was all prepared to write a genuinely nice post about MattyK…and then he reneged on his word. Reneged I say! He invited me over to watch Top Gear with him and some other peeps on his new huge HDTV TV (I am in love! I bet food network would look amazing on that!) I complained that I would in a heartbeat come over to watch a car show with him but if I invited him over to watch American Idol, he never would come. So, he retorted by saying that there was in fact a Top Gear episode that Simon Cowell appeared on and that we can watch that. Good compromise I say. So what happens when I get over there? Not only do we not watch that episode but one of the episode’s we do watch is one that I have already seen 🙁 I guess I can give him some credit that he let me have coffee with ice cream and that one of the episodes not only dealt with interior design but also had Ewan McGregor talking about his huge penis. Anyways, MK told me I could have a special private showing of the Simon Cowell show whenever I would like. He will inevitably forget that this was ever promised.

After watching Top Gear Matt’s friend suggested we play a game that is kind of like couranging but not. Basically someone writes a sentence and then the next person draws what the sentence said and then the next person writes what the picture was… Here is a sampling of the zaniness:

The sentence I wrote (damn, I will make a fine writer):

Story written by me and my friends

And from there…

Story written by me and my friends

Story written by me and my friends

Story written by me and my friends

Story written by me and my friends

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