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Dinner dialogues.

What I ate my first month back in Chicago.

Chinese Food
Despite the fact that I just spent eleven months in Asia, I ordered Chinese food on my second day back. Because I’d spent the day at the ER and could hardly move and it was my best choice for delivery in suburbia. And because it is delicious.


Burrito House tacos
Oh crappy tacos, how I missed you so.


Pulled pork from Smoke Daddy
Sean has boyscout badges in leaf picking and alien hummingbird wrangling. Also, my medallion of treedom that the elf in Zimbabwe gave me over the volcano is amazing and all powerful. And we had some tasty platypus bbq.


Soup and Sandwich from Fish Bar
“Usually people order two or three things to share. But you’re alone. Sorry.”
My waitress at Fish Bar.


Four Moon Meatloaf
It was a Friday night and I was bored, so I walked to the Moon, ordered meatloaf, drank beer, watch San Francisco win, talked with an actor sitting next to me. I can do this in Chicago, too, I reminded myself.


Chicken fingers from Four Moon
“You didn’t take a photo of your dinner.”
Heather, who is always looking out for me.


Jeremy stopped by one day to make us tacos. And he quickly became my favorite person.


And then he made burgers another night.


Brie and grapes
I’m classy.


Take out Lard Nar Thai Food
15 days. That is how long it took for me to order Thai food.


Indian Food from Hema's Kitchen

Indian Food from Hema's Kitchen
I always knew there would come a day when I would say I missed India. And that day was the day I payed $20 for Indian food at lunch.


banh mi in Roscoe Village
Apparently a banh mi place opened just down the block from me while I was away.


Dimo's pizza in Chicago
Ian’s pizza is now Dimo’s pizza. Everything is different!


Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake
When driving to Champaign and you have the option to eat in Chicago or wait until you get to Kankakee to go to the Steak n Shake, you wait until you get to Kankakee.


Dos Reales

Dos Reales
Dos Reales.


Blokes & Birds fish and chips
The fish and chips at Blokes and Birds were the best ever. Or maybe I was just really drunk.


Pick Me Up Cafe

Pick Me Up Cafe
When there is an option to put alcohol in your milkshake, you put alcohol in your milkshake.


Breakfast burriitos
“I made breakfast. And by that I mean I bought burritos from Whole Foods and cut them into thirds.” – Heather


Antique Taco
I finally met up with Megan for lunch. We ate tacos that came on flowery plates. Hers had a big piece of bacon on top, which was weird, and which she didn’t eat.




Lunch at XOCO with my sister.


Butcher and the Burger
I met up with Emily, one Saturday afternoon, to eat at Butcher & The Burger and then watched some team in orange play another team in orange in American football. (And yes, I keep calling it American football…)


div class=”pinterestgallery”>Dinner dialogues. What I ate my first month back in Chicago including pulled pork at Smoke Daddy BBQ, a fish sandwich at Fish Bar, Indian food, Dimo's Pizza, Steak n Shake, milkshakes at Pick Me Up Cafe, tacos at Antique Taco, tortas and churros at XOCO, and Butcher & The Burger.

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