View from my plane

Flying from Seattle to New York.

1. I am kind of screwed up on time. It is currently 12:15 in New York, 11:15 in Chicago, and 9:15 in Seattle. I need to wake up early but am nowhere near tired yet.

2. I hate when I see cute boys with hot cameras and all I have on me is a point and shoot.

3. Having to pay $15 a day if I want internet in my room sucks. Free WiFi in the lobby is decent enough though. (p.s. I was totally going crazy because it didn’t work in the lobby…until I figured out that I had my wireless card turned off…)

4. I used an airplane bathroom for the second time ever today.


I spent my day traveling. Two busses to the Seattle/Tacoma airport. A shuttle to my gate. A delayed flight from Seattle to New York. And finally a cab from JFK to Manhattan.

I’m a bit screwed up on time zones but the fact that my hotel is pretty posh (thank YOU Priceline name your own price) and a giant brisket sandwich is now in my belly make everything A-Okay. I honestly don’t think I have ever stayed at a hotel this nice before and, come to think of it, don’t think I have ever stayed in a hotel all by myself before.

It is an experience in itself!

I didn’t bust out my good camera today…but here are a few pics I took from my point and shoot.

View from the plane flying from Seattle to New York.

View from the plane flying from Seattle to New York.

New York deli sandwich

Times Square in New York

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