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Leaving Hyder - The Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska.

British Columbia, Canada & Hyder, Alaska

We made it to Hyder, Alaska!

We again awoke pretty early and hit the road…Most of the pit stops of the day were to take photos of signs pointing to our main destination of the trip: Hyder, Alaska.

Yes, yes, you can drive from Seattle to Alaska: Hyder is a small little town on the Canadian/British Columbian border accessibly by road.

We made a stop to see a glacier that while awesome definitely showed major effects of global warming. We stopped in Stewart, BC where we wanted to go to their Toaster Museum, but it was closed. We did stop for fish and chips at Silverado Cafe for lunch before taking off down the road back to the United States.

Welcome to Hyder, Alaska

We eased into Hyder, Alaska and took some photos of the welcome sign. Then we stopped at a bar to get Hyderized.

What is getting Hyderized you ask? Well, you will just have to wait until I get back and have time to truly explain! (Don’t worry, there is a video!) We hung out around town for a bit, went to the post office, went down the pier, tried and failed to spot bears,…and well, that’s about what there is to do in Hyder!

Getting Hyderized at the Glacier Inn bar Hyder, Alaska

But it was AWESOME!

So we turned around and crossed Canadian customs to again enter British Columbia and hit the road back to a hotel in Prince George. We did see a bear along the way back!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


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