Crawfish dinner at Pappadeaux

Covered in crawfish.

1. I booked a flight to Amsterdam. Seriously.


2. Spending $40 a night to sleep in a room with 12 strangers just seems wrong…


3. American Idol is the most boring show ever without Danny.


4. Yet another reason to get a Wii.


5. I am covered in crawfish juice, soap, and ice cream. Despite the fact that it’s an Idol night, a Top Model night, AND I got discs 5 and 6 of season 2 of 24, I went out to Pappadeaux with Andy and co. to get some crawfish! I ate a pound and managed to be the messiest eater ever and squirt crawfish juice clear across the table and all over my face and clothes and hair…

Crawfish dinner at Pappadeaux

Then in the bathroom while trying to wash up, I went to pump some soap and the soap squirted all over my shirt.

Then I got a yummy dessert of sweet potato pecan pie and dumped some ice cream on myself.

Sweet potato pecan pie at Pappadeaux

Seriously, I am the messiest person EVER.

Since Aimee and Chris are getting hitched this weekend they got a very special dessert 🙂

They did not dump it all over themselves.

Congratulations cake at Pappadeaux

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