Jenny and Adam's Wedding

Congratulations Jenny and Adam!

Jenny and Adam's Wedding

Congratulations Jenny and Adam!

Jenny and Adam's wedding

Aw, two of my best friends got married last night and damn, it was about time.

The wedding was simply amazing because Jenny was just the perfect bride in so many ways.

We started the day out bright and early at 9 meeting at the salon to get our hair done. Appropriately, Nad brought the Starbucks along with some fruit and croissants. Our last Starbucks as all single people, ah. Jenny wouldn’t let me get a faux-hawk though (at one point while she was getting hers done it so looked like a faux-hawk was in the works, I told her to leave it because it was a great look for her) and the hairdresser told me I looked like Kirsten Dunst. hehe.

After all our hair was (almost) perfect we went back to Jenny’s place to do our makeup, put on our dresses, gather our flowers, and start taking some pics!

Then it was off to the church, so we all piled into the limo and hung out in the brides room peeking out of the curtains.

Me and Jenny at her wedding

The wedding was beautiful. They did the whole Catholic mass thing, which was kind of weird because they did the ceremony part right in the middle of it, so they did their vows and I dos and rings and kiss…and then went on for a while doing mass things before presenting the bride and groom. Jenny was gorgeous and Adam just looked so happy as he said his vows. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever know two people more perfect for each other than those two. 🙂

After the ceremony we sent them off with bubbles then took more pictures (in the church and at Mayslake Peabody Estate) and rocked out in the limo where Jenny yelled “I just got married” to people out the window and we shared some champagne out of plastic cups before heading off to the reception. A funny thing about the reception hall… I saw two other bridal parties walking around, and each one had a bridesmaid with a tattoo on her upper back. It was just funny because each bridal party I saw there had one bridesmaid with upper back tattoo. Hehe.

Anyways, we did the whole receiving line thing where I saw some people I haven’t seen in a long long time like some teachers from high school Mrs. Marelli and Mr. McOlgan and old friends like Jackie. It was really good to catch up. And one of their relatives said they thought I looked like Kirsten Dunst (so that was twice in one day! I really hope these people mean that in a good way). I am so glad though that there was no videograper, because since the line stopped mostly at the family and breezed past us, I danced away like a good drunken bridesmaid while I waited). They did our introductions next (the families walked in to the theme from Forest Gump and the bridal party to Eye of a Tiger) and then Jenny and Adam cut their cake then it was time to chow down. Soup, cake, pasta, beef, chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, chocolate mousse (all family style so you could sample it all!) Oh, and really yummy champagne! All the place cards were held on little bells (remember the ones we tied the ribbon around!) so we’d all ring them to get the lovebirds to kiss (I suggested that if we clanked the glasses Adam and Josh, the best man, should kiss, but they didn’t go for it). The head table was a blast because we all (OK, the female side of the table) sang along karaoke style to all the songs 🙂

Adam and Jenny then did their first dance, then she danced with her dad, then we all hit the floor! I swear, Jenny did not miss a song to dance to, she was going all night long! We did our thriller moves, the chicken dance, the humpty dance (Adam’s only request), the Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe… hehe.

My “date” MattyK danced with me to all the slow ones and some swing.

Val and Matt at a wedding.

He refused to chicken dance but I did get him to electric slide. 🙂 While Nad and I were busy with our bridesmaidly duties, he got all buddybuddy with Nad’s fiancé Bryan so we kept joking that we were losing our boys to eachother and that they were going to be BFFs. Hehe. They even scored each others’ digits. Oooooo.

I didn’t catch the bouquet in the toss 🙁

Wedding bouquet toss

I managed to pick up a flower that fell off of it that I determined meant I’d get married some day, but then the staff threw it out. 🙁

Wedding bouquet toss

Jenny and Adam danced to the Grow Old with You song from The Wedding Singer, and it was supercute.

First dance at Jenny and Adam's Wedding

Then more dancing, then the last song, Time of Our Lives which Adam almost missed so Jenny had to dance with Nadia for half of it before Adam came running back. The boys refused to lift us up a la Dirty Dancing though 🙁

As we said our goodbyes (they headed off on their honeymoon this morning) I made sure to remind both Jenny and Adam that the video we showed them how to make a baby, it did not show them how not to make a baby, so to be careful 🙂 and Jenny said that they’d definitely be “doing their taxes” for months (Full House, anyone???)

It was a wonderful night and an amazing wedding. Jen and Adam are two of my greatest friends. I have known her since third grade and him for at least ten years and could not imagine two people being better for each other. I love them both and I know they love each other and I know that they will have a long wonderful amazing marriage.

Congratulations to Jenny and Adam!

More Photos from Jenny and Adam’s Wedding:

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