All the girls together at the wedding.

Congratulations Jen and Glen!

There once was an awkward toast
Where stick-to-it-ivness was valued the most
They did it all night
the priest said it was right
thank god Glen’s mom was the host.

Heather and Sarah


After about a million years of being together Glen and Jen finally got married on Saturday.

Jen and Glen's wedding.

My morning started at 8am with my alarm going off. My alarm clock broke a long time ago so I now just use the alarm on my cell phone. After I turned it off it occurred to me that I certainly did not set an alarm clock for 8am. And that wasn’t the alarm clock ring. I apparently had just picked up and hung up on Heather. Damnit Heather. I called her back. She wanted to know if I had an envelope.


Julie picked me up a few hours later and we headed off to the church. Heather kept calling me for directions, which is never a good plan because I am horrible at giving directions, don’t know where anything is, and don’t know which way is which. Luckily she made it into the pew just in time for the wedding to begin.

The wedding was a full Catholic ceremony. So it was your pretty standard wedding…until the priest walked out on them… Yeah, so I guess he picked up the wrong book and at one point just walked off the stage and left everyone there for a few minutes. At least he came back or they both would have been left at the alter.

After the wedding we hung around for a bit and saw Amy and Aaron’s new baby Hannah. She was adorable and looked way older than one-week old. Then we headed to JoeJoe’s parents house where we raided their fridge because we were all starving. Julie, Heather, and I left there a bit early to go check into our hotel. It was a very awesome place that had a swiveling tv and a giant bed and a walk-in closet. After freshening up a bit and a costume change from Julie (that only two people noticed) we called up a cab and left for the reception.


We were pretty much the first ones to get there as “MattyK and the Hepcats” were still setting up to play cocktail hour. The grooms cake (a Guitar Hero guitar) was out for all to see and the drink specials were up…Including THE IRISH PIRATE!!! For those of you who don’t know, way back in college Glen played bartended at Joe’s birthday party. Glen, who at the time didn’t drink at all. He invented a drink: the Irish Pirate…which is Baileys and Captain Morgan…and pretty damn disgusting…

More people started showing up so we grabbed some drinks and mingled and ate appetizers. I bet JoeW $5 to grab the big garnish off the platter when the appetizer lady came around. He said he’d take the bet but he didn’t 🙁 MK finally played my song for me but wouldn’t play Journey for Heather.

After cocktail hour we took our seats, watched everyone make their entrances and watched on as the beautiful newlyweds took the floor to cut the cake and share a first dance or two.

First dance at Jen and Glen's wedding.

During our dinner of soup, salad, mashed potatoes, and meats our awesome table was totally awesome. After Glen’s mom gave a speech Heather whispered to me “I made a dirty joke during her speech” and then she and Sarah wrote a limrick about it (see above). Then Heather said we should get Glen and Jen’s names tattooed on our foreheads. I said no and she suggested I get it on my inner thigh because “no one will ever notice it there.” Gee thanks Heather! 🙁 This resulted in Heather writing me a note that said “remember somebody special out there wants to look at your pubic crevice” and Julie yelling really loudly “Val wants to have sex some day.” We also got our hands on a copy of the itinerary…which was made dirty by phrases such as “in bed” “sexy cocktail hour” and “for a good time call ###” I called the number Heather wrote down, which happened to be Jeff’s. He didn’t know what I was saying so he gave the phone to Russell and I told Russell “Oh baby baby. Oh baby. Oh baby baby. Oh baby.” He just kept saying, “Who is this?” Hahaha.

See. Awesome table.

We were also totally enthralled by the salad which came in a cucumber bowl which was quickly deconstructed by us all.

After dinner it was time to dance, dance, dance and drink, drink, drink.

Drunken dancing at Jen and Glen's wedding.

I said I’d take an Irish Pirate when everyone went to take one, but I didn’t get handed one. Oh well…the last thing I needed was to be given a drink that almost immediately curdles. That surely wouldn’t have gone well.

Taking Irish Pirate shots - Baileys and Captain Morgan - at Jen and Glen's wedding.

JoeJoe discovered the key to getting him to dance: Whiskey. Although he kept dancing than stopping as soon as I tried to take his photo. But I do have proof.

Joe dancing at Glen and Jen's wedding.

Alas, the night finally wore down and we said our goodnights to the beautiful bride and dashing husband.

Glen and Jen at their wedding.

Julie, Heather and I headed back to our hotel room and got into our one big bed (OK, so maybe we didn’t all stay there…)

Sharing a hotel bed after Jen and Glen's wedding.


The next morning we headed off to Jimmy’s in Naperville for a day-after lunch. Of course, I get a text from Glen that they’ll be an hour late as I am pulling into the parking garage. Oh well. Luckily I spotted one of the bridesmaids and her boyfriend when I got there, so I pulled up a chair.

Day after wedding brunch in Naperville.

People came and some went and finally Glen and Jen arrived. We had a ridiculous set up of chairs, tables, and a booth that made a big el shape in the bar and we had good conversation and good food.


So congratulations to Glen and Jen! The wedding was beautiful and we all had an amazing time at your wedding!

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