Jen and Andrew's Wedding

Congratulations Jen and Andrew!

Jen and Andrew's Urbana Wedding.

OK. So Jen and Andrew’s wedding was kind of awesome. And by kind of I mean totally. I am so happy that Jen invited be to be her wedding photographer. Especially since she asked me a couple years ago when my photography was nothing like it is today (I still have a ways to go to get anywhere near where I want to be, but I feel as if I have grown an awful lot).

The day was amazing. During the portraits we did beforehand at the park I, for the first time, really felt like a real photographer. I was fully leading everything and telling people where to go and what I wanted (without being pushy or commanding or anything, I hope). But it felt pretty great.

The ceremony was a blur, which was the hardest thing about shooting a friend’s wedding. I know they said some amazingly heartfelt things but I totally missed it all as I was too busy trying to get all the shots into a fast 8-minute ceremony.

Anyways. Rather than give a whole recap of the night, here are ten things I loved about their wedding.

Ten things (of many!) that I loved about Jen and Andrew’s Urbana Wedding…

1. The wonderful couple, Jen and Andrew! I’ve known Jen since college when we were in an inline skating club together and she asked me to be her photographer almost as soon as SHE proposed to Andrew in Hawaii!


2. The bridal party! There were bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesguys, and groomsgals!! And how can you not love it when you ask them to go behind a tree and they start climbing it!


3. The shoes. Red and black Chucks for the ENTIRE wedding party? I would say comfort over style, but these were mighty stylish!


4. The ceremony. It was short and sweet but packed to the brim with personal sentiments.


5. The officiant, who was a good friend of theirs who got ordained just so he could marry them.

Jen and Andrew's Wedding


6. The cake from the Cake Lady, Diana McPheeters. It was delicious, moist, and beautiful (sans fondant)!

Fall themed chocolate wedding cake.


7. The dancing! Jen and Andrew love to swing dance and have so many friends who do too, so it was a wild night on the dance floor!


8. Pumpkin carving! So I don’t think this was at all planned. But using butter knives or Swiss Army Knives, or whatever they had on hand, many of the guests started carving the pumpkin centerpieces!


9. Caramel apple favors from Cunningham’s Candies, with the most gooey caramel coating ever. I may have taken two home with me. But some just couldn’t wait that long!

Caramel apple wedding favors


10. Did I mention how awesome Jen and Andrew are?

Jen and Andrew's Wedding


Congratulations Jen and Andrew!

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