DMK Burger Bar Sweet Potato Fries

Chelsa and Val Go to a Lot of Restaurants: Volume 1, Issue 1

DMK Burger Bar

As part of our New Year’s resolutions Chelsa and I have started to make a list of restaurants in Chicago that we really want to try. On Friday we kicked off our eating out efforts with a trip to the new DMK Burger Bar.

The place was small but nice and had some weird thing on the TV that looked like what plays on Windows Media Player when you play a song. As I don’t like beer and didn’t feel like spending $10+ on a mixed drink I decided to go for their house-made cherry soda. Which was basically an Italian soda and was really sweet at first and then more dull taste later but was still pretty good.

I got the #1, which had bbq sauce, bacon, balsamic red onions and cheddar. It was delicious but, as with most things with bbq sauce that kind of overpowered everything else. Chelsa had a lamb burger that she really liked but she found a few little bones in it.

DMK Burger Bar #1 with bbq sauce, bacon, balsamic red onions and cheddar

We shared a small order of sweet potato fries with lemon aioli dipping sauce. Those were delicious and honestly I kind of want to go back just to try some of the fries. I basically love anything made from a potato. Maybe I will just make my own flight of fries! (The small fries were only about $2-3 per a decent-sized serving, and I really would want to try the Parmesan fries with truffle sauce!) Also the guy next to me got the mac and cheese, which looked yummy too. I love me some mac and cheese.

DMK Burger Bar sweet potato fries

After eating we went to Bobtail to get some ice cream. Why Chelsa wanted ice cream in 0 degree weather I don’t know…but I got an espresso with mint chocolate chip ice cream (I decided to deny myself my $3 savings that day). And we played Sorry but the game was missing most of its pieces and we didn’t really play how we were supposed to. Oh well. I somehow managed to win both times.

Chelsa had to call it an earlyish night since she had to work the next day so I went back home. Heather was getting ready to go out to Martyrs with Alyssa. OK, she wasn’t getting ready, but that seemed like a decent segue. So when Alyssa came I joined them in going to the bar. We watched some of three bands. The first one was the best and had a guy on keyboards who was also playing something from a tube in his mouth. And I had a couple of vodka and cranberries. Because Mat bought me one the other night and before that I didn’t think I liked them. But now I have found out that I do and therefore have a new drink. And Alyssa and I danced, which still kind of hurt but made me feel good because it didn’t hurt that much. Yay my back is getting better!

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