Champagne Tasting

Champagne Dreams

mattyk, brandana, and I went to a FREE champagne tasting at WineStyles today.

WineStyles champagne tasting

Yummy. I liked the Toad Hollow wine the best (because it was the sweetest). It’s apparently made by Robin Wiliams’s brother. 🙂

After the tasting I finally got to give MK his Christmas present: a replicate vintage toy Bugatti racer 🙂 Bugattis are really expensive and one of his favorite cars, so I’ve been telling him for weeks that I bought him a Bugatti, but he didn’t believe me 🙁 Matt really liked the car I think, he played around with it a bit 🙂

Alas even though I came through on my word of buying him a Bugatti, I got no Tiffany boxes 🙁 Its OK though 🙂 Since we were talking earlier about how he feels guilty when someone gives him a present and he doesn’t have one in return, I pulled a Marge Simpson and gave him something to give to me. I was so surprised when I got a coupon for a massage 🙂

Too bad I didn’t get to cash it in though, since MK had to leave to do some business (I really think he went to go hang out with a bunch of hot strippers though). Oh well, I’ll have to cash in some other time. And it best be a damn good massage because that car cost like $500…yes…hehe. I’m thinking scented oils and hot stones and hot Brazilian men should be involved. 🙂

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