Glen and Jen's rehearsal dinner after party.

Catching up.

This week I learned that I get really anxious if my blog isn’t up to date with my life…



Met with my financial panther to go over my finances. After I looked at my statement that said that after a year of investing I have LOST $50 he said that technically I had made money but I had to pay fees…So basically that means I have lost money and he has made money off of me. I told him he was buying me dinner.

I asked him if he was losing his other clients money or if it’s just me he hates. He said he couldn’t disclose that so I called Scotty and asked him how his finaces were doing. Scotty laughed.

I played with the boat on his desk and he then stole one for me from someone else’s desk. He also told me that I was by far his most entertaining client.

After the meeting we went to some Mexican restaurant for dinner. I had yummy mole enchiladas (the sauce not the vermin) and he tried to order in Spanish which didn’t go so well.

He paid 🙂



I went over to MK’s to watch Top Gear but again didn’t end up watching it because my nose was buried in hot dog eating pics.

Went home and finished my hot dog photos while watching a taped episode of the Price is Right. Yes, I said TAPED. Val is old school like that. I saw Brian in the audience 🙂



Headed over to Ravinia to listen to CSO with Joshua Bell. Ravinia is one of the most beautiful settings to listen to live music. You can’t see the stage from the lawn, but whatever, between free park and ride and a free student lawn pass it is a very very good deal. Plus you don’t need to see classical music being played to appreciate it. Although Joshua Bell IS a site for sore eyes. Alina and JoeJoe joined me, although Joe spent most of the time watching the Sox game on a mobile device. We had a picnic. I made peanut butter cookies and apricot chicken salad and ALINA cooked up some yummy pasta salad and pita sandwiches. Chelsa joined us after intermission when she got off of her box-office duties.

Peanut Butter cup cookies on the lawn at Joshua Bell at Ravinia.

Apricot chicken salad on the lawn at Joshua Bell at Ravinia.

Picnic on the lawn at Joshua Bell at Ravinia.

Joe opens a bottle of wine on the lawn at Joshua Bell at Ravinia.



At around 5am the fire alarm that is directly over my bed started letting off a loud, shrill beep every five minutes. For two hours it kept waking me up in that way where I couldn’t remember if my actual alarm had gone off yet. I was too lazy to get up and do anything about it.

At 7am I unplugged it from the wall. It then beeped the “I’m unplugged from the wall” beep every two minutes. I took out the battery. It somehow STILL beeped the “I have no battery” beep. Luckily I found a new battery.


I found out that my photos are going to appear in the next issue of Chicago Agent Magazine.


After work I went shopping in a downpour. While I didn’t get most of what I set out to get, I did happen upon this cute (and pink) Heatherette dress that was marked down from $270 to $30…I can’t pass that up even though I have no idea where I will ever wear it to. I actually would more likely wear it with jeans.

Heatherette dress.



Met up with Em at Cactus for happy hour. Drank half of her shark drink and a beer. Ian had to add the lime for me because if I tried it I’d have spilled it all over.


The soundtrack to Spring Awakening doesn’t do justice to what it sounded like live.


Glen invited me to meet up with everyone at Uncle Julio’s after his and Jen’s rehearsal dinner at 11. Julie and I got there around 10:30 and got some margaritas. A little after 11 JoeJoe and Alina showed up…but couldn’t get in. Turns out the place closes at 11.

So we left the bar and headed somewhere else. And then we stayed there for a while.

Glen and Jen's rehearsal dinner after party.

Glen and Jen's rehearsal dinner after party.

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