Cat Valentine's Day Cards for Cat Lovers and Ladies

Cat Valentine’s Day Cards for Cat Lovers and Ladies

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Last year I dated a cat guy. This guy loved cats as much as I did, probably even more so because he actually had a cat while I just admired them from afar. He volunteered at a cat shelter and we’d exchange texts about reality TV kittens. He didn’t even think I was a weirdo for suggesting a date to see Kedi, a documentary about the cats in Istanbul. And it really was the best date.

But he never actually introduced me to his cat (we’d always end up at my place), and, eventually, we parted ways. It’s all good, though. I mean, I ended up getting a couple of cats of my own because I shouldn’t have to depend on a man to get my cat fix.

Independent cat lady right here.


Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and since I know you love me (because why the hell wouldn’t you love me?!?!) and you probably love my cats (because who the hell wouldn’t love these cats?!?!), I put together a round up of cat Valentine’s Day cards that would make my day. Or, I suppose, any cat lover or cat lady’s day, if you happen to love someone who isn’t me but also loves cats. Or they might even make your cat’s day if you’re the type of person who would buy Valentine’s Day cards for your cat.*


Here are some of the best cat Valentine’s Day cards for cat lovers I could find. So you should probably send me one (P.O. Box 25239, Chicago, IL 60625-0239 — just sayin’). Along with flowers. And chocolates. And cats…?

Hey, I’m 37 and single, I definitely need more cats…

Cat Valentine's Day cards for cat lovers and cat ladies.

Cat Valentine’s Day Cards for Cat Lovers and Ladies:

I Have Felines For You (Paper Source)

I Hate You The Least (Paperchase)

Are you kitten me? You’re purr-fect! meow and always. (Hello! Lucky)

I Love You More Than My Cat (Ladyfinger Letterpress)

Zero Chill For Your Love (Greenwich Letterpress)

You are Destroying my Reputation for Not Liking Anything (Emily McDowell Studio)

I Love You Meow and Purr-ever (Paper Source)

You’re The Whole Kitten Caboodle (Sea + Lake Paper Co.)

You Are Meowgical (TurtlesSoup)

I’m Glad You’re My Purrson (Egg Press)

I Love You More Than Cats (Paperchase)

You are Endlessly Fascinating (Hello! Lucky)

Cats with Hearts (The Found)

I Love You So Much it Hurts (La Familia Green)

I Like Naps and You (WITHPUNS)


*I think I need to get this card for Rooney…


Cat Valentine's Day Cards for Cat Lovers and Ladies
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