Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit

Care bear stare.

Playing Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit and bowling.

After I gave notice at my work I wanted to celebrate. Or at least, do something.

So Mat came over and I made green chicken and chevre tacos with leftover chicken from the whole chicken I made. And they were yummy. I wanted to go out and do something because when we hang out we often just sit around and watch movies. We decided to go bowling but Timber Lanes had leagues until 10pm. So we played a game of previously-seemingly impossible Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit. And you know what? I conquered it! I got every single darned pie piece in my little Care Bear action figure! Rock.

Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit

After winning for probably the first time ever on a game of Trivial Pursuit it was nearing 10 so we decided to hike it to Timber Lanes to get our bowl on. When we got there the leagues were just finishing up so we played a few darts and I drank some tequila sunrise. I am not above drinking breakfast alcohol at night at a dirty bowling alley.

When a lane opened up I found a nice pink ball and we started our game. I was pretty awful at first since I haven’t been bowling in forever and a day (yeah, yeah that’s why) but only got better as we kept playing. I even broke 100 by the last game! Mat’s score kept going down though so I am convinced that I would have beaten him after another game or two.

Bowling at Timber Lanes

And yes, yes I went from monkey to chimp to ape man 🙁

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