Lunch at Murphy’s in Champaign, Illinois.

Camera beer! Camera beer!

Lunch at Murphy’s in Champaign, Illinois.

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Sunday was Wednesday Lunch at Murphy’s. You heard me.

Beer a Murphy's in Champaign, Illinois

A bunch of us met there for lunch. In a nice coincidence Murphy’s is also celebrating their 40th anniversary this year!

I got a bacon cheeseburger but in retrospect I do not think there was any bacon on it. LAME. It was still delicious.

Bacon cheeseburger at Murphy's in Champaign, Illinois

A ton of the Wednesday lunchers/KCSAers showed up and it was awesome to keep catching up!

Murphy's Irish Pub in Champaign, Illinois

Murphy's Irish Pub in Champaign, Illinois

Jeff showed up! I was happy because I never see Jeff and it was the first time I got to see him that weekend! AND he gave me a copy of Horsemen of the Esophagus (affiliate link) which he found at a used bookstore. Jeff kind of rocks.

Murphy's Irish Pub in Champaign, Illinois

Sid just got a new waterproof camera. He decided that, obviously, the best way to test out if it was, in fact, waterproof would be to drop it in a mug of beer and chug it. Obviously.

Waterproof camera records in a beer

Waterproof camera records in a beer

It was actually pretty awesome. And he has some video and he posted it to Facebook and hopefully I can get him to put it on youtube or something so I can post it here…

We stayed until the end of the insane Bulls game which went into double overtime. How does that one dude even play with that much hair?

Val at Murphy's in Champaign, Illinois

And then it was time to say goodbye and end the gluttonous festivities of our KCSA reunion weekend. It was a fun weekend of catching up with old friends and reliving old times. Hopefully it won’t be another 40 years until we can do it again 🙂

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  • Rob
    April 29, 2009at9:29 am

    Man I miss Murphy’s beer glass day. I’ll have to hit that place up next time I go to Champaign.

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