Basic Brown Hair

Bromann Playlot Park: I Have a Park?

So, I was searching around google last night and came across this::
Bromann Playlot Park in Edgewater, Chicago.

Bromann Park? No one in my immediate family had ever heard of it before. And this has been around since the 70s. Weird.

I guess it was named after one of my relatives from the part of the family we never talked to for whatever reason (had something to do with that side having money and our side not so much).

So apparently I have a park.

Who’s up for a field trip there this summer???

My hair is going to fall out by the end of this year. I swear it will. After dying it black, I’m trying to gradually lighten it to a natural looking color (for the sake of Jenny’s wedding and me finding a new job). But this hair color:

Boring Brown Hair

is booooring brown (and still has orangy roots). I think I’ll just go back to my signature reddish brown soon, that seems to take well to anything plus looks semi-natural.

I would also like to give a frowny sad face to Scott and JoeJoe who rejected my brilliant idea of us getting matching tattoos in Poland. 🙁

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