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Blonder hair

Blonde and Prepping to Party

What, did you really think I’d go all of May without dying my hair?? Sillysilly.

I did manage to hold myself off for a month (last time was April 29). This is color number 7 for 2006:

I dyed my hair blonder

I’m trying to gradually lighten it (even though I know that after the wedding I might try some crazy reds). Up close in person it looks like a dark blonde. Perhaps I’ll try one more in two weeks. 🙂

In more news, if you are reading this, you’re invited to:

Valerie’s Unemployed and Ready to Celebrate Celebration!

That’s right y’all! I quit my job!! June 2 is my last day of being a real estate bitch, and what better way kick off (hopefully not much more than) three months of blissful unemployment than going out and getting wasted? I certainly can’t think of anything.

So, come join me in celebrating my independence (or to buy me a drink, ’cause I’ve got no income).

The Kerry Piper (7900 Joliet Road, Willowbrook, IL 60527)
Scott recommended it, so if it sucks blame him. If it doesn’t suck, I promised to do some table dancing.
It also looks as if there’s a band scheduled to play – 3 Men in Kilts! Now, how can you go wrong with 3 Men in Kilts????

Friday, June 2, 9ish
Let me know if you plan on coming so I know to look for you!


While I’m at it, 6-6-06 is approaching. Since no one wants to marry me on that day and since it’s a bit too late to have a baby on that day, I’ll settle for going to see the new Omen. The original is one of the most genuinely creepiest movies EVER so the remake will invariably suck, but you should go on 6-6-6 day anyways. Anyone interested in going with me??? Anyone? Let me know!

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