Baby Drawing Contest


My sister Jen went to the hospital last night. They induced the labor.

I got to hospital at 7pm tonight.

Visited with Jen for an hour…mostly because she was watching American Idol and the waiting room TV would only show crap about some sports guy who died.

Ate Twizzlers because I spent 6 hours staring at a vending machine.

10:20 Dale comes in and says they will be starting the birth whatnot in 10 minutes.

3 hours later we still have heard nothing and there is only a security guard to ask and she doesn’t know anything.

So I had to leave to take my flight to D.C. 🙁

So, who knows.

While we waited I started a baby drawing contest. Whoever’s picture most resembled Dylan will win.

Baby Drawing Contest

The baby will pick the winner once he is born. And whoever wins receives his love and devotion forever.

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