Tyler's Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese and a salad


1. So I’m supposedly going to Texas in 2 weeks. But I haven’t done any planning. And I am sure I won’t have time to plan any of it. And I know everyone keeps telling me I don’t need a plan. But its not like I ever plan a minute by minute schedule or anything. I just like to have a general idea of things to do in the area I’m going to. And I have no motivation to do that. And I’m not really feeling up for going. And its kind of stressing me out thinking of going. I dunno.

2. When two baristas say to you “white mocha?” you know you have an addiction.

3. I made smothered pork the other night, but the “smothered” part just burnt to a crisp 🙁 I have another pork chop so I will try again. I think its because I made one pork chop instead of 4 so I used 1/4 of the liquid. But it probably needed all of the liquid anyways. And my oven gets extremely hot. Whenever I cook Heather thinks the apartment is burning down. No photo for you.

4. Saturday I hosted 24 again. It’s at least getting more exciting. I made Tyler’s Ultimate Macaroni. It was the ultimate. And I made a salad.

Tyler's Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese and a salad

5. Tonight I was going to make enchiladas but I didn’t feel like waiting for all three chicken breasts to thaw so I thawed one and will make smaller enchiladas tomorrow. Instead I used some extra balsamic vinaigrette and made a chicken breast. And mashed potatoes for the third night in a row. I could live on mashed potatoes alone.

Balsamic chicken breast

6. I bought a tube of sixlets the other day. I was going to wait till I got home to take a photo but then I got impatient and ate them. I haven’t seen sixlets in a store forever. I shouldn’t have to explain to you what sixlets are.

7. Today the 2010 hot dog eating qualifier schedule was announced. I was so set to compete this year but there are none in the midwest 🙁 I don’t know if I can make it to any of them!

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