Bagel and Chili in the Park

Better than a crayon…

1. Only I would get soup and bring it to the park on a hot day. Chili and a bagel in Millennium Park.

Chili and a bagel in Millennium Park

2. Every time I find there’s no nose ring in my nose I assume it fell out in my sleep and that I breathed it in and that it is now lodged in my brain.

3. I hate when I find something in my gum hole and am not sure if its food or something important to my mouth so I’m afraid to pull it out.

4. The other day I walked by a bar that was blasting the Saved By the Bell theme song.

5. True story: the other morning on the train there was some turbulence which shook my coffee cup and coffee flew out of it spilling on me. It also spilled some on the pants of the woman sitting next to me, but she didn’t notice. So I got off the train at the next stop and waited for another train because I didn’t want her to notice spilled coffee on her pants while I was there.

6. The other night I heard a knock on my door after midnight but I wasn’t wearing pants so I had to find pants before I could answer. It was just Mat stopping by to say hi.

7. Scotty was in town! And I don’t think I had seen him since I visited Seattle last summer, so Monday I went to the Frog Bar to see him at lunch. I had a burger with an egg and tried to attack Scotty so he wouldn’t go back to Japan.

Sunrise burger at Hugo's Frog Bar

Killing Scotty with a fork

8. V: I can’t sleep. M: Did you try counting goats? V: Yes there is one.

9. Why does Starbucks make you say “non-fat” instead of “skim” for milk? I hate asking for a “non-fat” drink knowing full well that my drink is not actually non-fat.

10. I heard the Lee Dewyze cover of Beautiful Day on the radio the other day. It kind of reminded me of Kidz Bop. I lost more respect when I heard that he actually picked the song and it wasn’t assigned to him. He picked it because it sounded like a crappy Idol winner song. He should have picked a song he could sing in his style because he pretty much guaranteed he won’t have a good career after Idol.

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