Working at a ball.

Bell of the Ball.

Last night I attended my first ever gala/ball. By attended I mean “worked” but let’s not get into semantics.

Working at a ball.

I put on my ballgown and pearls and headed over to the opera house to work the red carpet. I basically followed around a photographer and took people’s names so we can try to identify people on Monday. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I was terrified that I would accidentally ask Mayor Daley or the president of some big company that I should recognize their name, but even the people I probably should have known were really great about it…and I think everyone else was happy to give their name.

It was kind of an awesome event to be a part of because everyone was in a tux (or kilt) or cocktail dress or ballgown…and some of them were simply amazingly glorious dresses. We worked the red carpet as people arrived in their limos, and then during intermissions of La traviata (didn’t get to see the show though, but got to sneak some of the appetizers).

The opera house looked amazing as well, covered in flowers and pink spot lights. It was gorgeous.

After the second act intermission the photographers and captioners hopped in a limo over to the Hilton for Opera Ball (which, I must say, was the most elaborately decorated event I have ever been to in my life…with large topiaries of roses and crystals and crystaled candles on all of the tables…).

I have decided that I no longer want a wedding, and instead should just throw a ball. It’s basically a wedding but with a live orchestra, three photographers, 750 guests… 🙂

More captioning ensued as guests arrived up the grand staircase to costumed musicians fanfaring their arrivals. But once everyone arrived, we were free!

The ball.

We watched the dancing to the Stu Hirsh Orchestra (my favorite was matching a man doing some awesome swing dancing…in a kilt) and as all the stars of the opera arrived and as Our general director led a fond farewell to Bruno Bartoletti and introduced a slide show ofSkrebneski photos of him through the years., while dining on lobster, enoki salad, chilled cucumber soup, and some sort of mango spoon…did I mention that was only the first course???

The second course was a cheese-encrusted steak, vegetables, vegetable strudel, and some sort of potato cake. And then for dessert was a giant chocolate nest dome with chocolate marshmallow cake like stuff underneath. yumyum

Food at the ball.

Food at the ball.

Food at the ball.

and yes, yes my coworkers do now think I am nuts because I take photos of all of my food. 🙂

After that we watched some more dancing, caught up with coworkers, and then finally called it a night. It was a long day but an awesome experience. I mean, how many times do you get to say you’ve been to a ball??

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  • Chris
    September 30, 2007at6:04 pm

    Obviously you’ve got the biggest balls of them all! But only 5 pictures?! You’re slipping!

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