BHLDN Wedding Inspiration Board

Behold my heart.

A love affair with Anthropologie and BHLDN.

I was sure that there had to be a reason that I have yet to get married. I mean, I am pretty awesome and any guy would be lucky to have me as a wife. Right? Right????

Finally after years of wondering why the reason became crystal clear: fate for me was waiting for the launch of the Anthropologie wedding dress line: BHLDN.


The universe knew that I couldn’t possibly get married before my favorite clothing store finally branched out into a line of wedding dress nirvana.

Right? Right? That has to be the reason. The universe.

But finally after forever and a day of waiting fate has brought me BHLDN, a wedding dress line from the same company behind Anthropologie. And. It. Is. Amazing. Amazing. I would wear just about every one of their dresses. Every day.

It’s no secret that I plan my wedding obsessively.

Like how I’d love to get married on a farm. Or maybe in the city?

And I know that just a few weeks ago I found what I thought was the perfect wedding dress…but I may have found an even perfecter one at BHLDN…that’s only $600!!! Would it be crazy for me to buy it now? Seriously…

So I put together a little style board of my perfect outfit from BHLDN with a few extras thrown in…

Wedding inspiration board featuring the BHLDN Fondant Tea wedding dress.

Dress: Fondant Tea Dress from BHLDN
Beautiful right? Short, textured, simple but with just enough detail!

Hair Piece: Crystallized Chiffon Headband from BHLDN
I’ve never been a veil person but I like the idea of having something sparkly and small, like this crystally headband.

Shoes: Agave Peep Toes from BHLDN
I like poofy shoes. Though I actually think I like these better. If they were pink…

Bouquet: Lilac Bouquet via Once Wed
I love the smell of lilacs and I used to cut them from trees and pin them in my hair. I saw this and thought it would be the perfect simple bouquet.

Ring: Pink Sapphire Ring with Rough Cut Diamonds from Sarah Perlis
OK, I couldn’t resist sneaking this in again. But seriously, this is my ideal engagement ring. Seriously boys, take notes.


OK, so I am still nowhere near the point of marriage. But a girl can dream, right? And since someone will surely marry me some day I should buy an ONLY $600 wedding dress right now, right? Right???


p.s. This post may have been brought to you by single on Valentine’s Day boredom.

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  • Erica
    February 14, 2011at10:24 pm

    I *LOVE* that store. I had to pry myself from this amazing little vintage style navy blue dress with birds on it the other day.

    Love the collection of pictures!

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