White and teal boho bedroom.

My Bedroom Wish List

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White and teal boho bedroom.


It’s hard to ever really declare something as “done.” Usually things come to a point where you’ve “done enough” or where anything else you do is really just nitpicking or when you’re just so over it you can’t do any more. It was like that when I launched my new site last year. It came to the point where I’d “done enough” to go live, even if the site was far from ready. I just couldn’t put it off any longer. Yes, even still, I have a laundry list of things I need to fix and, yes, I still have five years worth of posts that need to be edited to fit the new format. But, if I waited until it was done, truly done, I would have waited forever.

And that’s how I felt about sharing the rooms in my apartment. “The room isn’t done yet,” I’d tell myself, so I wouldn’t want to take photos and blog about it.

My bathroom was easy because it was, quickly, as done as it would be. Yes, I still wander Target hoping to find that one extra decorative towel. And, yes, I still think maybe I should hang up some art in there. But those little things didn’t matter. And, nearly a year later, everything is still the same.

But then there was my bedroom. My bedroom that I was so excited to share but hesitated because it wasn’t ready. It was missing a chair. I needed a chair to go by my desk and because I didn’t yet have a chair I was convinced that I couldn’t write about my bedroom. Eventually, I finally realized that getting that chair wasn’t going to be a priority any time soon. So I wrote about my chairless bedroom anyways. And no one else seemed to care at all that there wasn’t a chair in there.

Still, I constantly make lists of the things I want for my apartment. Things I will slowly, eventually, get to get all my rooms closer to the way I imagine them in my head. Because while my bedroom is mostly done it isn’t done done. I’d like that chair for my desk, one that is comfortable to sit on and that can hold a cute pillow and throw. I’d like a fluffy white rug to sink my feet into when I finally tear myself from my bed. I’d like a headboard and am currently obsessed with brightly colored wicker peacock patterned ones. I’d like a small bench for the foot of the bed, preferably one that would serve as extra storage. And I’d like another fig tree, another plant to add some greenery to the space.

Of course, I’m sure even if I fulfilled my bedroom wish list I’d still think of another thing or two or fifty that would really make the space. Because you can never really declare something done. But, I suppose, it would be done enough.


My bedroom wish list:

My Bedroom Wish List. Featuring a teal peacock bed, white flokati rug, teal storage bench, fiddle leaf fig tree, white chair, and a Mongolian fur pillow.

Queen Peacock Bed Head Teal from Family Love Tree

Ficus Pandurata Bush (Fiddleleaf fig tree) from Home Depot.

HomePop Storage Bench in Teal from Target.

Tullsta chair from IKEA.

West Elm Mongolian Lamb Pillow

Ivory Flokati Wool Rug from World Market

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  • Sophia
    November 29, 2018at5:35 am

    I love your bedroom decoration. So many great ideas here! Thanks for sharing your thought and ideas with us!

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