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Batting 1,000: my one-thousandth blog post.

This. This is officially my one-thousandth blog post. And. that. is. crazy.

Peonies - my one-thousandth blog post.

I started this blog over four years ago and have basically chronicled my entire life ever since. I never intended to keep track of everything I did but, somehow, it morphed into a little datebook of everywhere I’ve gone and everything I’ve eaten and so on and so forth. It all began as a way to get more hits to my website and, somewhat, to prove to someone somewhere that I had a life. And over time it’s helped me, well, have a life. What’s written here is constantly changing. sometimes I’m more literary, other times I’m more blunt. Sometimes I tell my stories with pages of words and sometimes only pictures. Sometimes I share every emotion I’m feeling and many other times I only tell the surface.

And while we’re on the subject of one thousand, I’ve rounded out the first one hundred items on my list of one thousand things to do before I die. So here’s to the last one thousand entries of my life and here’s to the next one thousand to come.

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